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if you were a laser, you’d be set to ‘stunning’.

so tuesday was tanner’s birthday. that’s this guy:

he’s one of my best friends. and yeah, he was one of the guys helping set up the suite and making it look all presentable and stuff. he has a twin sister (just like me!) and his birthday is in august (just like me!) and he rocks. so we wanted to make sure his day was awesome!

i have a million post-it notes lying around. it’s great. so me and dan and a couple other guys decided to write as many awesome things about tanner that we could think of, and then plaster them all over his door. note the creativity of these compliments, guys. you should be impressed.

why tell someone that they’re one of your favorite people when you could say this instead:

and why tell someone they have a nice smile when you could phrase it like this:

we set them aside for later so we could capitalize on the greatest amount of surprise. tanner visited after class (he’s the unofficial seventh member of the suite) and hung out for a bit.

later that night we all went to puerto vallarta’s, a mexican restaurant that serves delicious food. it was with a really fun group of people, and everyone enjoyed just spending time catching up on summers and celebrating tanner’s birthday. we filled up completely on chips and salsa, naturally, before the food even came out, but we made room and it was delicious. someone had even brought a cake and candles!


the birthday celebration was made even more special because special friends like casey poe and katie deboy showed up! it’s weird not having these friends in deho anymore, but it just makes the times we do get to see each other that much sweeter.

after dinner we went back to campus, and i finally got all my homework from all my classes into one planner. it felt good to do something productive. then, THEN! i ordered all my books. i was really excited until i realized that some of them won’t be in until two weeks from now. so, that sucks. but it’s okay, because they’re ordered.

later that evening, tanner went with his twin sister brennan and casey poe to applebee’s, and dan and i decided it was the perfect time to plan a post-it note attack. we walked to kinghorn (quoting the emporer’s new groove the whole way… did i mention i’m glad this guy’s my roommate?) and snuck up to tanner’s room, where we proceeded to post-it note the crap out of his doorframe.



then we ran back to deho. before he went back to his room, tanner stopped by the suite with some delicious lemon cake backed by none other than jamie burton, a brilliant jack-of-all-trades who was an r.a. in deho last year. we munched on some cake and laughed at funny youtube videos and enjoyed each others’ company.

then the fire alarm went off.

we all look around, confused, and someone goes, “my popcorn!” we all rush to the only microwave, located in daniel and brandon’s room, only to come to the doorway and see nothing but thick, gray smoke. thankfully the building alarm wasn’t tripped, but things will smell like popcorn and smoke around here for a while. we have fans plugged in and dryer sheets hung up to make things smell better.

but so it goes in the 3d suite.

tanner hung around a little bit to make sure everything was okay, and then we said goodbye and he headed back to his room. he was plenty surprised by the notes, and we were glad to get one last birthday surprise in before the day was up.

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