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week three: “i have two words to say about the rest of the week: i’m in!”

week three was absolutely awesome. as each week passes, i’m realizing more and more how God is answering my prayers to make this a summer where i am challenged in the best ways, while at the same time He blesses me in ways i would never expect.

i was a little disappointed that i didn’t get to be at camp t for week two, especially after seeing some pictures online (check them out here. you can binge on them if you want. that’s how i just spent my last thirty minutes.) i recognized campers that i’d had in years past, and i was disappointed that i hadn’t been able to reconnect with them. but on sunday i return to camp and discovered two things. first, matty was really excited to see me. it was a great reunion. and second, we had three stayovers. which meant that almost a third of last week’s cabin would still be here, so it was almost like i hadn’t missed out!

also all three of them had been in my cabin last summer. so that was basically the best.

i’m sure i’ll be saying this all summer, because chances are i’ll have more opportunities to have previous campers in my cabin again. but there is just nothing so cool as being able to see the ways God has been working in the lives of kids that you’ve invested in. while i stay in touch with a few campers from over the years, the vast majority of these kids i say goodbye to on saturday and don’t get the chance to see where they are in a year. but when God allows me a glimpse into the lives of campers i’ve developed relationships with, it’s encouraging and exciting and makes me praise Him.

that was probably my high of the week, seeing how guys had grown in patience, care for others, and a desire for God. one of the campers told me after devos that he hadn’t before known that he didn’t have to earn God’s approval. but since coming to camp this week, he learned that there’s nothing he can do that will ever make God love him any less. how is it that the Lord has chosen someone like me to deliver such beautiful good news? i certainly don’t deserve it, but i will gladly accept it. praise Jesus!

other highs of the week would include the clinics. i had hip hop, mountaineering, and clay. all of them were the best. i had some of my campers in mountaineering and clay, and it was so much fun.


a variety of clinics is always the best, because you’re always on your toes and things don’t get boring. i went from choreographing the chorus to “best day of my life” to cheering on a camper who climbed to the top of mount wood to painting facial hair on the campers in clay clinic. all in a couple hours. that’s like the best.

wk3_2we did some pretty awesome things as a cabin this past week too. we went on a mud hike (one of the guys i was sure would back out was in 110%), we visited the minifarm to do the chicken round-up (side note: for some reason i’d always been afraid of chicken round up, mainly because it involved running after them to catch them and i was afraid that somehow i’d manage to lose all of camp’s chickens. but it turned out to be a blast), and we dressed up and went crazy for disco night. we also had one of my favorite unit games ever… prom night! somehow the guys always think it’s the best when they dress me up in pinks and purples and jean jackets and dresses.




what i love most about camp is the relationships that form. i love looking over at trading post and watching david listen intently as his camper explains chess to him. i love watching milson initiate a heart-to-heart with one of his guys. i love all the little things i get to see as i walk around camp. so much silliness, so much happiness, so much joy. and it’s all so very real.


i like real.


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week three: “you are more awesome than powerade.”

things that have happened this week that i love:

1.) the minifarm. mainly because it’s hilarious to see 10-year-old boys (who like acting tough) get really excited about holding tiny bunnies.

DSCN3300     DSCN3299


also they loved the pigs. no surprise there.


2.) banana death march. the brave counselors rocked it this week. they were excited, which meant their kids were excited, which meant everyone had a great time.

DSCN3331     DSCN3332


we made sure to get a couple of victory poses in there too.




also it ended with me getting a banana smashed into my hair, even though my cabin didn’t win. didn’t expect it, but since i like bananas and the face kids make when they realize they get to smash a banana on a counselor’s head, i was totally fine with it.


3.) clinics. mine and fizz’s hip hop clinic was awesome, and mountaineering is always the best! so much encouragement.

DSCN3315     DSCN3319


hip hop even got to perform at closing campfire! they really deserved it because of all their hard work. it’s always so fun to see how excited the kids get when they realize they get to be in front of all their friends and show off what they’ve accomplished.


4.) the gentlemen games. it was a new activity this week… they all seemed so excited to be gentlemen, i thought we could spend some time writing (sometimes odd) encouraging notes and posting them all over camp. it soon became a game of straightening everyone’s shoes and clotheslines as well. not mad about it.

DSCN3304     DSCN3303

DSCN3305     DSCN3306

we even got a response from one of the cabins!


this activity is definitely coming back next week.

5.) country hoedown night! lots of dancing, lots of singing, lots of taylor swift. enough said.


DSCN3353     DSCN3361


6.) two of my favorite campers ever, gabe and isaac, were here this week. gabe and i play cards together, and isaac and i play checkers. both of them are incredible people. mature, respectful, so easy to talk to and hang out with. i write back and forth with them throughout the year, and it’s been awesome to see how God has continued to grow them into men after His own heart.



needless to say there were a lot of awesome things to be thankful for.

it was with a sad heart that i said goodbye to the miami gentlemen of week three. they were amazing, and they were a blessing in every sense of the word. for a week that could otherwise have been extremely difficult, my cabin made a huge difference. God allowed me to make connections with all the guys, and it was really difficult to watch them leave. but it’s cool to think that those kids of young men are now blessing the outside world, and not just camp.


DSCN3443     DSCN3440

one of my favorite things about this cabin was that all of them became such good friends, too.

DSCN3438     DSCN3433

this weekend i got to hang out with johnny d at his old youth pastor’s house. i had never met them before (though i’d heard great things about them for the past two summers), but they’re the kind of people that don’t care about things like that. i was welcomed with open arms and we talked about life as if they’d known me for years. it was such a blessing to spend time with such selfless, compassionate people. plus they lived out in the middle of nowhere, and it was gorgeous. just one more reminder of God’s power and love for the simple but powerful things.


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