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things about this week that were just awesome:

1.) these guys are super into being gentlemen. like they decided it was their theme for opening campfire.


2.) it’s nearly impossible to hold them back from holding open the door for others. we had to start limiting it to three gentlemen at a time, so that everyone else could actually get through the door. and yes, all of those below are peoria gentlemen.



3.) wacky wednesday. we got to choose a theme for the afternoon and decorate the whole cabin. we decided we had lost our theme, and held some theme tryouts. one of them (my favorite, admittedly) was the gentleman bootcamp. a couple of the guys were really excited about it and decorated a whole corner of the cabin in camouflage, with one as the commander and the other as the cadet. they shouted a few directives back and forth, and the cadet ran outside to straighten shoes. all of us had a blast.

it’s always so encouraging to see when the guys legitimately want to be serving others by being gentlemen, when they see it as fun. i hope that it’s something they carry on after they leave camp, but i know that God’s in control of all of that. i’m more than content with the role i get to play here at camp.

4.) bible study. it’s the best. this summer we’re going through the prophets in the old testament, and we talked about isaiah. i love being with campers all day every day, but it’s refreshing to have good conversation about important things with fellow believers. we have good food, good fellowship, and lots of fun. such a blessing.

5.) these guys are just the best. and we have fun as a group. everyone seems to get along, and it’s been great watching as friendships have developed.


7.) it’s just impossible not to have fun with these guys. one of the reasons i love my job so much.

8.) clinics. riflery was a blast, mountaineering is always encouraging, and hip hop is basically guaranteed to be the best (also we got some swag).



9.) closing campfire. for some reason this week was extra fun all the way through. jack and mike brought out their hilarious “who’s on first” skit back. cheers were full of life and craziness. hip hop performed. and a mysterious sweater somehow made it on stage for literally every single act.


10.) have i mentioned these guys are awesome? i’m going to miss them. i already do.


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week three: “you are more awesome than powerade.”

things that have happened this week that i love:

1.) the minifarm. mainly because it’s hilarious to see 10-year-old boys (who like acting tough) get really excited about holding tiny bunnies.

DSCN3300     DSCN3299


also they loved the pigs. no surprise there.


2.) banana death march. the brave counselors rocked it this week. they were excited, which meant their kids were excited, which meant everyone had a great time.

DSCN3331     DSCN3332


we made sure to get a couple of victory poses in there too.




also it ended with me getting a banana smashed into my hair, even though my cabin didn’t win. didn’t expect it, but since i like bananas and the face kids make when they realize they get to smash a banana on a counselor’s head, i was totally fine with it.


3.) clinics. mine and fizz’s hip hop clinic was awesome, and mountaineering is always the best! so much encouragement.

DSCN3315     DSCN3319


hip hop even got to perform at closing campfire! they really deserved it because of all their hard work. it’s always so fun to see how excited the kids get when they realize they get to be in front of all their friends and show off what they’ve accomplished.


4.) the gentlemen games. it was a new activity this week… they all seemed so excited to be gentlemen, i thought we could spend some time writing (sometimes odd) encouraging notes and posting them all over camp. it soon became a game of straightening everyone’s shoes and clotheslines as well. not mad about it.

DSCN3304     DSCN3303

DSCN3305     DSCN3306

we even got a response from one of the cabins!


this activity is definitely coming back next week.

5.) country hoedown night! lots of dancing, lots of singing, lots of taylor swift. enough said.


DSCN3353     DSCN3361


6.) two of my favorite campers ever, gabe and isaac, were here this week. gabe and i play cards together, and isaac and i play checkers. both of them are incredible people. mature, respectful, so easy to talk to and hang out with. i write back and forth with them throughout the year, and it’s been awesome to see how God has continued to grow them into men after His own heart.



needless to say there were a lot of awesome things to be thankful for.

it was with a sad heart that i said goodbye to the miami gentlemen of week three. they were amazing, and they were a blessing in every sense of the word. for a week that could otherwise have been extremely difficult, my cabin made a huge difference. God allowed me to make connections with all the guys, and it was really difficult to watch them leave. but it’s cool to think that those kids of young men are now blessing the outside world, and not just camp.


DSCN3443     DSCN3440

one of my favorite things about this cabin was that all of them became such good friends, too.

DSCN3438     DSCN3433

this weekend i got to hang out with johnny d at his old youth pastor’s house. i had never met them before (though i’d heard great things about them for the past two summers), but they’re the kind of people that don’t care about things like that. i was welcomed with open arms and we talked about life as if they’d known me for years. it was such a blessing to spend time with such selfless, compassionate people. plus they lived out in the middle of nowhere, and it was gorgeous. just one more reminder of God’s power and love for the simple but powerful things.


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week three: “it’s make your momma proud time… I LOVE MY MOMMA!”

this week is one of those weeks where it could be super stressful and everything, but the Lord has just been pouring out the blessings like crazy, and it ends up being a crazy awesome one.

highs of week three so far:

1.) my cabin. i have a cabin full of amazing guys. i don’t think i’ve ever seen a cabin more excited at the prospect of being miami gentlemen. it’s the best ever. they race each other to hold open the door for others. i had to find one of them for flagpole because he kept running to open the door when he saw someone walking down the hallway. i’m all for having that kind of a problem.


DSCN3231     DSCN3232

DSCN3235     DSCN3237

2.) clinics. this week i get to teach hip hop with fizz again (score) and the kids are great. we even have five guys with us, and all of them actually want to dance!

DSCN3223     DSCN3224

i also get to be in mountaineering clinic for the first time of the summer, which is the best ever. mountaineering clinic is basically encouragement and excitement clinic. since i’m a fan of both of those, the clinic is always fun. today we had a girl offer her shoes to another girl so she could climb, and then that girl beasted it up the wall. you could see how proud she was of herself. so cool.


3.) pine forest adventures. we went into the pine forest and made forts. and small towns. for no reason except it’s fun so why not?


DSCN3284     DSCN3286


we also spent some time exploring for cool bugs and listening for cool sounds. we all lay down on the ground and held a finger up for each unique sound we heard. one of my guys even found a cool ant colony in a rotten log. i love seeing kids so excited about God’s creation.

DSCN3280     DSCN3279


4.) random happy things. like whoever came up with this brilliant new way of playing checkers:


and my kids actually singing and loving chapel:


and rockstar counselors who love what they do and are amazing at it:


and campers who love their cilts:


and campers who love their counselors:


and brave boy dodgeball:

DSCN3250     DSCN3247

and this letter one of my campers asked me to mail home for them:


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