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“knock-knock.” “who’s there?” “squirrel.” “squirrel who?” “look, a squirrel!”

so this year i’m in college mentors again, as i mentioned earlier last month. but GREAT NEWS, i actually get to be henry’s mentor this year, as well as malakai’s! this is the best news ever, because, especially after meeting them both, i have decided they are two of my favorite people ever. since they’re on fall break this week (and ball state is on fall break the following week), i won’t see them for a while. so i decided to post about them instead.


henry (the one on the right) is the one who always has something brilliant to say. the past two weeks he entertained us with his on-the-spot knock-knock jokes. here’s a typical one:

“who’s there?”
“grasshopper who?”
“i don’t want to eat grashoppers!”
“that is one of the best knock-knock jokes i’ve ever heard.”

we decided that he gets five knock-knock jokes per tuesday, so he has to make them super awesome.

henry spends most of our time together telling me to watch him do awesome things like jump really high or run really fast (racing places is our favorite). he’s always happy, always ready for whatever is planned, and never has anything but a huge grin on his face.


malakai is the thinker. he’s quieter than henry, but not in a rude or withdrawn way; he simply takes time to process things before reacting to them, and usually is more reserved when he does. i see a little bit of my younger self in this guy.

malakai is super friendly and polite. he loves to engage with the older mentors, but also loves playing with his friends during the activity days. he’s very intentional with everything he does, and conversations with him are great. also, he’s super into being a gentleman. i asked him (and henry) to start holding doors open for the rest of the buddy family wherever we go, and he is totally into it. he got the biggest grin when i thanked him for being a gentleman. it is precious, and so encouraging to see someone so young have a heart for being kind to others.


our past few activities have been lots of fun! the first week we had a picture scavenger hunt around campus so the little buddies could see ball state. walking around gave us lots of time to get to know each other, as well as point out some cool places that they hadn’t seen before (frog baby was especially fascinating to them).


DSC00065      DSC00009


last week each of the little buddies tie-dyed their own bandanas, which was both incredibly messy and incredibly fun. henry and malakai loved it, the idea that they were the ones designing their very own bandana (and, i’m sure, the fact that it was way messy… henry looked at his hands, exclaimed “whoa! it’s not coming off!”, and then promptly stuck his fingers back in the dye).

plus, while we were waiting for our turns, we got to run around and play tag and stuff. and race, of course. maybe i’ve just forgotten, but man, that is like every other activity we do, and it never gets old with these guys. i love that energy!



we spent the rest of our time creating designs for this year’s college mentors t-shirt! between that and a little journal time, we finished out the activity day, and said goodbye to our buddies for the next few weeks.

DSC00081      DSC00082

DSC00083      DSC00076

i love seeing the connections already being made between little buddies and their mentors. hannah had been waiting for a while to meet her little buddy and it was a happy day this past week when they finally met for the first time. it was jenna’s little buddy’s birthday, so she got him a present, including a sweet iron man mask. let me tell you, he was all over it. and everyone thought it was the coolest.

DSC00078      DSC00074

things like that are the reason i do college mentors. we get to show kids that we love them and we think they’re awesome just for who they are. i’m a fan of that.


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