a little bit about me

“but my life is worth nothing to me unless i use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the good news about the wonderful grace of God.” –acts 20:24

child of God. follower of Jesus. sinner. prideful. weak. obsessed with the opinion of this world. rebellious. self-absorbed. forgiven. justified. grateful. witness. still imperfect. work in progress. found in Christ. strong in Christ. forgiven in Christ.

son of a mother who taught me to love and be compassionate. son of a father who has shown me that strength isn’t always physical, but is always found in the Lord. brother of three beautiful sisters who encourage me and recite the lion king when driving to church. twin (read as: best friend). friend of movie-makers and pilots, computer science majors and resident assistants, horse-trainers and prospective neurosurgeons, counselors, showchoir geeks, sports fanatics, and camp crazies.

camp counselor. lover of mud hikes and friday themed dinners. tolerator of baked oatmeal. friendship bracelet maker. fan of australians and brazilians and scots and cymry and britons. initiator of cheers about princesses living in trees and little red wagons. advocate of kids who just need someone to listen. lover of a God who works in the hearts of His youngest children.

singer of cheesy songs and showtunes. lover of books that i can’t guess the ending of. writer of papers, books, and journals. lover of music that makes you think and feel.

student of social work. senior at ball state. college mentor. youth group leader. disciple and discipler.


One thought on “a little bit about me

  1. Mom says:

    I am so blessed to know you…really know you. So is everyone else who knows you.

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