week eight: “i’m actually nocturnal, so i can see in the dark sometimes.”

sorry for not updating for such a long time. it’s been good to take a break and use my time to sleep and relax. that being said, a lot of amazing things happened week 8.

it started out on sunday with jordan doing the teapot song during the staff meeting. so i mean obviously that got us off on the right foot.


he’s the blur in the center.

i also had some amazing guys. they were sweet, loved camp, and loved being gentlemen too. i even got one of my favorite campers from last year in my cabin again! there were some rambunctious ones, but overall everything was awesome. plus there were only nine this week! it threw our counting off at first, but we grew to love it.




that’s everyone being sad at the lonely post again. these guys loved it.

the week was filled with tons of great things. except the dove wrappers.



allow me to take a moment to fill you in on my hatred of dove chocolate wrappers. i have one that’s been framed for many years… i think it was back when i was in fifth or sixth grade that i found it. it has an awesome quote on it: “there is nothing stronger than gentleness, and nothing more gentle than strength.” that is an awesome quote.

these days, dove wrappers say things like “dazzle your sense of flavor” or “you know what? you look good in red.”


what has become of dive wrappers? it makes me so sad. and i wish i was kidding, but i would be lying. anyway, kellie and the rest of the coord group found out that i hate them and have been slipping them into my mailbox all summer. this sunday adam told the rest of the village, and i now have an average of two per day that i can find in my mailbox.

but there were things that made it better. like the raccoon that adam and riley had to dump out of a trash can.

DSCN3844     DSCN3845


monday we also had an adventure on the suspension bridge. we congratulated each other with some ice cold pops.



after that we did the bullet, which is the one that all the kids pass and ask if we can go on it, and every week except this week i’ve had to say no because we didn’t sign up for it. this week, we did. and it was glorious.


DSCN3857      DSCN3860


clinics were also great this year. i had skywalkers for the first time in two years, and it was so good to be back! i also got to be in hip hop again… it was good to be back for sure.


DSCN3912     DSCN3914

also awesome was the time i got to spend with these wonderful people.



this week was kellie’s last week, and so there were a lot of emotions, mostly happy-that-we-get-to-hang-out-with-you-but-sad-that-you’re-leaving-soon feelings. it’s been such an amazing summer, and all these people are one of the main reasons it turned out the way it did (not pictured is lesem, though she was there in spirit).

and basically lots of pictures were taken of everything.

DSCN3925     DSCN3927


bec and i are going to miss kel.

DSCN3930     DSCN3932

mmmyeah, dominican chaos, yeah.



saturday was a day of goodbyes. lots of sad goodbyes. it’s such an interesting dynamic this time of year… so much bittersweet in such a brilliantly happy place.


DSCN3940     DSCN3948



getting to see returning campers is such a blessing too. they’ve always grown so much, and i get to have a proud father moment of sorts. these two are especially awesome.

DSCN3958     DSCN3950

this week i also had to say goodbye to jack. what an incredible guy. he’s been a close friend, a third counselor, someone to rely on. i’m going to miss him dearly. but i get to see him next year, so that’s a plus.


one more week, ladies and gentlemen. is that even possible?

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