things to praise God for.

so i lost my camera, which means as of now, i’m waiting to post until i find it. at first i was really bummed, because i’ve really tried to post regularly. but i’ve actually wanted to post something like this for a long time, and this is the perfect time. for all of you reading, i would love for you to join me in thanking and praising God for the following things:

  • God is moving in the lives of these kids. i have seen my own campers’ fascination with God’s word, heard and discussed with them their honest questions about His nature, and watched as they have grown in love and compassion for each other and their peers. i’ve heard from other counselors about how the same kinds of things are happening in their own cabins, and how God is moving in distinct but similar ways across camp.
  • counselors are being rock stars. in the past few weeks i’ve seen:
    1. a counselor give her sweatshirt to one of my campers who was cold in the 90 degree weather (he ended up buying a sweatshirt that was four times too big for him because he liked the way hers fit him).
    2. a counselor jump into the pool (completely dressed) to make his camper feel more comfortable in the water during his swim check.
    3. two counselors have spent their time off to research new ideas for their clinics, and spent their own money to buy things to make it more special.
    4. countless counselors playing checkers with their campers throughout all of trading post.
    5. counselors rocking chapels. God’s totally been blessing their efforts, too. i’ve heard more amazing wrap ups this summer than any other summer i’ve been here. people here care about kids knowing Jesus and learning about God.
    6. more moments than i could ever possible count of counselors making any camper they run across feel extra special just for being them.
  • God has been blessing the heck out of my summer. i’ve had amazing guys every single week, and this week is no different (i can’t wait to introduce you all to them). i have an amazing partner, who loves Jesus and is always focused on our kids. i have a coord partner who remembers all the stuff i don’t and tries to cheer me up with those repulsive dove chocolate quotes (“give yourself permission.” what?). i have friends that i can trust and share life with and grow with and praise God with.
  • God is sovereign, God is good, and God is loving. all the time.


for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, this one final reason to praise God for this week:



reason 5924304 i love that i get to work at camp.

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One thought on “things to praise God for.

  1. Awesome! Seems like you all had a fun & blessed time. How wonderful!:)
    May the Lord continue to enrich each and every one of you with life, grace, joy, and peace from His throne!

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