week six: “it’s too much work to tell people i’m a bagpiper, so sometimes i just tell them i’m a piper.”

week six was an amazing week, but it was very emotionally challenging. thankfully, the Lord blessed us with awesome guys, tons of fun things to do, and the kind of support that only a camp family can offer. perhaps more than any other week, i was reminded many many times over the past seven days just how special camp is. things that are commonplace at camp don’t often happen in other places.

this week was the second annual tecumseh olympics, and so most of the activities we would do anyway as a cabin allowed us to earn gold medals if we competed against another country. miami and mohawk represented scotland (alba gi brah!), and i think we served her well. on wednesday we set up smaller stations for different olympic events. mol and i worked at the shotput, and we decided that we were actually anastasia and rasputin from russia. we took ourselves very seriously.


DSCN3704     DSCN3702

throughout the day we had other counselors acting as reporters, interviewing campers about their latest wins and what their favorite activities were. it was so much fun, and everyone had a blast.

DSCN3705     DSCN3701

my guys even won a gold medal for their amazingly intricate myan ruins sand castle. they were really proud of it (they had every reason to be, too… it was awesome!). bridges, secret entrances, a river that led to a moat, guardian octopi. this castle had everything. plus we got to do it with our friends in kickapoo, who crafted an entire sand village! it was tons of fun.

DSCN3716     DSCN3718




it was super hot, but thankfully water exists and sprinklers are fun and the counselors here are awesome, so we managed.

DSCN3674     DSCN3675


there were many other things that made this week (and camp in general) special. things like… a kid who played the bagpipes.




and yes, he did, in fact, lead scotland into the closing ceremonies even though he was from a different country. how can you pass something like that up? plus it’s always the best when you can take an opportunity to make a kid feel on top of the world. whenever he came out playing his bagpipes (he practiced every day), everyone gathered around him and cheered him on. he had the biggest smile on his face, especially when a counselor would go up to him and say, “you’re the bagpiper, aren’t you?”

a love for nature is also really significant here at camp. we went on a hike to ghost creek this week, and picked out a pet rock. some of these guys had never just played around in a creek before, and it was so much fun to see them get so excited.


on our way back we even found a turtle! we named him frederick. sam, our camper from spain, was really excited (like jumping up and down excited) about it because he had never seen one in person before.

DSCN3687     DSCN3688

something i’m really excited about is the action bible i got. it’s basically the bible as a graphic novel, and it’s awesome. i wasn’t sure if the guys would like it, but i can’t count the number of times i found it tucked away in one of my campers’ bunks after rest hour. a few of them even looked through a bible story in the action bible and then went to get their own bible to read more about it. it was really cool, and i’m excited to see how God uses it to spark their interest in the Word.

DSCN3709     DSCN3711

my cilt, justin, was awesome this week. he’s such a natural counselor, and the kids loved him.


s’mores are also awesome. the kids think it’s the best ever that they get chocolate and are allowed to set things on fire (to clarify… those things would be the marshmallows) (to further clarify… they are under intense supervision). plus i mean s’mores are delicious.


DSCN3731     DSCN3729


saturday, as always, was really tough. whenever there are so many amazing kids, it’s difficult to say goodbye. it was especially hard to wave goodbye as our stayovers left. they were amazing. i’m excited to get ten new campers to love on and have fun with, but part of me wishes they could all stay at least one more week. bittersweet, but i guess it’s better than being relieved that they’re gone. God has certainly blessed me when it comes to campers that are easy to love.




and so begins the final third of the summer.

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