week five: “i’d like a bunch of cokes, please, and i want to pay for them all with one of those big checks.”

this weekend was so great.

waved goodbye to my two stayovers and left them in the hands of johnny d. and jimmy, which means my guys were basically guaranteed the best weekend of their lives.


then becca and i drove to indy to have lunch and spend time with the family. it was basically the best thing ever to see all of them, because it felt like it had been so long!



the best part was that, apart from just hanging out, we had nothing planned. i wrote some parent letters, talked a lot with mom and dad, and just enjoyed listening to the sound of my family loving on each other. christina, christy’s friend from denmark, was there with us, and it was basically like having another sister. it’s always so great when people fit so well into our family.


i love these people, and i still am not sure how i got so blessed with them as my family.

we had an awesome surprise when the thomas family joined us! jordan, becca, and i go to school together (you should check out jordan’s blog), but i hadn’t seen her brothers and sisters in many, many years (to give some perspective, her youngest brother, who i’ve known for a while, told me it was nice to meet me). it was crazy to see how grown up everyone is.

after a quick bite for dinner, becca and i piled back into the car to drive back to camp. i joined up with my stayovers, said hi to some friends, and then went outside to supervise some gaga while i wrote my parent letters (only had to pause them once, to add my favorite rule… if you point at someone and tell them “you’re out!”, then you are now out. same goes for if you use anything but positive words when playing).

a little later i went to the sieplinga’s house with james, jack, john, olivia, and scott to finish parent letters and hang out. we listened to a francis chan sermon, talked about life, and greeted joel and renee when they came back from a wedding they had attended. then we all (minus joel and renee) decided to drive and get pizza somewhere, because why not.

this is the part where i’d have pictures, but i left my memory card out, so you’ll just have to imagine this next part. here are some of the things that happened:

1.) driving with the pirates of the caribbean soundtrack making everything more intense.

2.) meeting jessica, a server at taco bell, and misunderstanding her to the point of ordering inside the lobby even though it was closed. she was a champ.

3.) eating taco bell on the hood of scott’s car (affectionately named max).

4.) driving to mcdonald’s and finding out their ice cream machines were being cleaned, they were out of soda, and we were only able to pay with cash.

5.) driving to wendy’s, seeing the drive thru was closed, and singing our hearts out in sadness.

6.) driving away from wendy’s and noticing that there were, in fact, people in the building, and they had heard our song.

7.) driving back to wendy’s drive thru and singing the lion sleeps tonight. then, upon request from the guy working that night, singing happy birthday (order of the oar style, of course). he told us it made his day. no big deal.

this is why friends you make at camp are friends you keep. i’m a fan.

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