week five: “i solemnly swear that i am not ticklish.”

fridays are the best. everyone’s excited and wanting to get the most out of their last full day at camp. i decided to take lots of pictures because i feel like i slacked on that a lot this week.

clinics were especially awesome. i came to the court to see this happening:



these kids rock. we played three games on friday, and throughout the entire time, they were encouraging each other regardless of which team they were on. dan brought some brazilian candy as a surprise for them, and there were lots of hugs and high fives as we said goodbye. one of the guys is a stayover, so i’ll get to see him next week too! score.

hip hop was chosen to perform at closing campfire! they were all so psyched. one of them suggested we get some giant fans to blow on them at the end of the song, so that their hair would be blowing around and it’d look cool… so we got some giant fans to blow on them at the end of the song, so that their hair would be blowing around and it’d look cool. adam and tom pulled some strings and got them for us, an even though it was only for a few seconds at the end, it made everyone’s night. it was the best.

DSCN3631     DSCN3628

one of my favorite things to do between clinics is to watch kids with their counselors. people were feeling especially silly today.



friday was also the day that miami received the prize for our wacky wednesday performance! we won a rest hour serenade with cookie cake, and it was the high of many of my kids’ days. john and matt came over and divided up the cookie cake, and then john played background music for the best game of mafia i’ve ever seen. it was epic.

DSCN3600     DSCN3601


other awesome things that happened on friday include, but are not limited to:


intense games of carpetball.


pictures with zain, our rockstar cilt.


DSCN3608     DSCN3609

superhero/cartoon themed dinner with plenty of disney music to keep us all happy.

DSCN3611     DSCN3610

watching step clinic and martial arts (and yes, those are cardboard robots) perform at trading post.


seeing so much orange at closing campfire.


secret pictures taken unbeknownst to the camera owner.



people loving other people at chapel.

and then it was saturday, and i had to say goodbye to some of my favorite people ever. i don’t know why God keeps blessing us with such amazing kids, but it makes me excited for the weeks to come. how in the world did i get so lucky?

DSCN3639     DSCN3642



DSCN3647     DSCN3650


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2 thoughts on “week five: “i solemnly swear that i am not ticklish.”

  1. Mom says:

    Yay!! 😀

  2. Horse says:

    It was so great to see you Saturday horse! Somehow I know you’ll be re-energized for the kids you have now for this 5th week (?) Thanks for all you do buddy. I love you!! LYH!!

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