week five: “yoga is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

the summer’s halfway over, folks.

i know. insane. doesn’t seem possible. at camp this means that the next four and a half weeks will somehow simultaneously fly by and seem to last forever.

this week’s campers (and don’t ask me how i swung this) are absolutely amazing. we have two stayovers (one’s from spain!), and they are two of the coolest people i know. and basically i wish the other eight were stayovers too. as it is, the week is almost done and it doesn’t seem possible.

things i love this week:

1.) nate with our kids. i feel like i haven’t given nate nearly enough air time on here. nate is amazing. he is 100% about the kids and making their weeks amazing. he’s also about helping others and being there for people. he’s also all about Jesus. he loves that guy, like a lot. each day i’m more thankful that he’s my partner.


2.) costumes at opening campfire. miami chose the ever popular “wacky” theme again this week, and i think it’s fair to say we were totally shown up by these ladies and gentlemen:

DSCN3552     DSCN3554

the ladies were an obvious choice. the girls looked beautiful, and you could tell they felt beautiful too. the guys in black were a horde of beetles from main field that show up around wednesday of week 4 with no warning and never leave. scales and matt would call out to their beetle campers and everyone would buzz around, running into people (the beetles in the field, you see, are blind). it was hilarious.

3.) hug attacks. enough said.

DSCN3550     DSCN3579

4.) peteca clinic with dan! we are reunited, and this time we have ten kids! three was awesome, but it’s even cooler to see everyone work together as a regular-sized team. plus it’s been really cool to see how dan has totally made the clinic his own and is having a lot of fun with it.

DSCN3563     DSCN3561


5.) the gentlemen games. these guys, more than any of the others, were obsessed with not being seen. we signed our complements “sincerely, the ninja campers” and ran off giggling to the next cabin. we even managed to sneak a sign to people hanging out at ben and amy’s for their nights off, as well as the nurse’s office. the following day, one of the cabins put flies on the ninja campers, but pointed to another cabin. i don’t know if i’ve ever seen grins that big on any of my campers before. they were beside themselves that no one knew it was us. it was the best ever.


6.) day camp! seeing them run around and be excited about life and their games and their cheers and their counselors. today they were playing gold rush, so i had to get a picture.


7.) the nature center. today my guys got to do the obstacle course outside for a couple of minutes, but you’d have thought it was for the rest of their lives the way they got so excited about it. this is why i love the brave unit.



DSCN3569     DSCN3571

8.) wacky wednesday. it is insane and stressful and chaotic, but it’s a lot of fun. since wednesday was the exact middle of the summer, we took a rest hour to decorate our cabin in a certain theme so judges could award us points. the boys couldn’t decide between a haunted house, a jail, and a zoo, so we decided to go with a haunted animal prison. i mean duh.

all the guys came up with the descriptions for the animals they would be. many were very creative.


9.) coord cookout. and by that i mean the time of the week when we grill 300 hot dogs and shove ice down each others’ backs and are generally sassy with each other. it’s a beautiful time, and it was the first one in two weeks where we had all four of us here! kellie is BACK this week, which means that everything is awesome!


today she gave one of the hot dogs a mouth and spoke to it in a british accent for the rest of the night. we wonder about her sometimes. but i suppose i can’t talk… i grilled a hot dog with a face and tie for one of my campers this week who wasn’t thrilled about the menu.


this is why we’re coord partners. we just work so well together (when we aren’t insulting each other in creative ways). in fact, all the river village coords are amazing. i love them all, and it’s been so awesome this summer to have the chance to get to know them better and rely on each other. they’re such good people.


i don’t know how half the summer snuck past us like that, but i’m definitely excited to see what the next half brings.

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2 thoughts on “week five: “yoga is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

  1. Mom says:

    What a BLAST! Sure wish you would’ve been MY camp counselor all those years ago! Too bad you don’t like your job… 🙂

  2. Horse says:

    Great post Horse! I love you the way you title these…I’m assuming that they are quotes from campers? I GET TO SEE YOU TOMORROW!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! LYH!

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