week four: “beavers are well known for their superior climbing abilities.”

week four is over, and that is sad. but there were so many awesome things that happened.

DSCN3477     DSCN3478


one of our campers had a birthday! i’ve never seen a camper so pumped to have his birthday at camp. he literally talked about it every day and asked multiple times if special things happened for birthdays at camp. we told him OF COURSE they do! we sang the order of the oar for him, i snagged some birthday stuff from walmart and decorated our table for meals, and we ate tj and ike’s cake for breakfast. it was a good day. also, the party hats were a hit.


that day also happened to be the fourth of july, so there were some awesome fireworks!


DSCN3494     DSCN3492


we oohed and ahhhed at all of them and then went back and did one of the coolest devos i’ve ever been a part of. we looked at 1 corinthians 13 and talked about love. we shared moments that made us feel loved, and then one way each of us wanted to be more loving. it was so cool to hear the guys open up and really think about what they were sharing.

later that week, one of our guys in mountaineering got to the top of nub town, our hardest wall! we call him beaver, and he was super proud of himself. we were too.


on friday, we were visited by a surprise guest:


that’s right, ALI! it was so, so good to see her again. she brought all of us diet cokes for coord time (and when i sarcastically texted her, asking her to get me a meal from texas roadhouse, she thought i was serious and ordered the texas roadhouse meal from mcdonalds. that was a fun story to listen to). then, of course, we took pictures.

DSCN3500     DSCN3545


then i got to hang out with adam, who is one of my favorites. he wasn’t in my cabin last year, but we hung out at lake time and became friends. we’ve been writing back and forth all year.


this year i also got to hang out with his younger brother, who is one of the cutest kids i’ve ever met. together, they just made my week.


at closing campfire, the buffalo brothers had some stellar performances to coronate the buffalo queen. plus there was an awesome new arapaho cheer that jeandre came up with. he’s such a great counselor.

DSCN3506     DSCN3505

plus hip hop got to perform, and they rocked it!


one of my favorite things to see was katrina and tom watch their little girl, sophie, who was in res camp for the first time. they were so, so proud of her, and it was adorable.


finally, our kids were just amazing this week. i don’t know how i keep getting blessed with them, but they are amazing and they make everything better when things get tough. can’t believe i get paid for this job.


DSCN3529     DSCN3526


life is good.

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One thought on “week four: “beavers are well known for their superior climbing abilities.”

  1. Horse says:

    Brad, brad, brad…I am just so blessed every time I read your posts. I think back to my own experiences with camp (day camp…only 1 over night during the 2 week session). I can still remember a couple of my counselors…and one in particular that made a huge impression on me. You’re THAT guy son. You’re that counselor that a few of these young men will remember fondly…and may even be the people they end up being because of your fleeting influence there at camp this summer. I know I’ve said it before…but…you are my hero. LYH!

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