week two: “we need to find him something new to lick.”

this is the first night off i’ve had in almost a week, and it has been wonderful. there is so much to update, and i don’t know if i have time for it all before i have to be back, but i’ll do my best.

kellie and i like to share our highs of the day with each other. since there was so much that went so awesomely, i think i’ll stick to that formula.

week two highs:

1.) peteca clinic. these kids are amazing people. i’ve already written about them, but the final days of the week saw us encouraging the heck out of each other, traveling to a new volleyball court, and having adam come and watch one of our games (they desperately wanted to be in closing campfire somehow). it’s always tough to say goodbye to campers who are so obviously amazing people, but at the same time it’s exciting to watch them go back to the outside world and imagine how they’re going to change it for the better.

DSCN3157     DSCN3160

2.) capture the flag. john, one of the blazer counselors, came up with a brilliant new way of playing capture the flag that involves four teams and twelve flags. also it’s like the funnest thing ever to play. i guarded the jail, and in order to be free, i required two eight counts of choreographed dance. needless to say, i had the best position in the whole game.

DSCN3170     DSCN3171

DSCN3172     DSCN3177

there were many fierce people playing. many.

DSCN3169     DSCN3174


3.) seeing old campers that i absolutely love.


4.) hip hop clinic with fizz. not only is fizz an awesome person to work with, but the kids themselves rocked it this past week. we performed at closing campfire and they totally deserved it. it was such a blast.



5.) going on a creek adventure with chickasaw! we basically just went down to ghost creek and found cool bugs and rocks and stuff. and yeah, i get paid for this job somehow.


DSCN3194     DSCN3193

DSCN3196     DSCN3195


6.) seeing random favorite people.



7.) coord time. i love all of these people so much, and this picture should be enough reason:


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