week three: “it’s make your momma proud time… I LOVE MY MOMMA!”

this week is one of those weeks where it could be super stressful and everything, but the Lord has just been pouring out the blessings like crazy, and it ends up being a crazy awesome one.

highs of week three so far:

1.) my cabin. i have a cabin full of amazing guys. i don’t think i’ve ever seen a cabin more excited at the prospect of being miami gentlemen. it’s the best ever. they race each other to hold open the door for others. i had to find one of them for flagpole because he kept running to open the door when he saw someone walking down the hallway. i’m all for having that kind of a problem.


DSCN3231     DSCN3232

DSCN3235     DSCN3237

2.) clinics. this week i get to teach hip hop with fizz again (score) and the kids are great. we even have five guys with us, and all of them actually want to dance!

DSCN3223     DSCN3224

i also get to be in mountaineering clinic for the first time of the summer, which is the best ever. mountaineering clinic is basically encouragement and excitement clinic. since i’m a fan of both of those, the clinic is always fun. today we had a girl offer her shoes to another girl so she could climb, and then that girl beasted it up the wall. you could see how proud she was of herself. so cool.


3.) pine forest adventures. we went into the pine forest and made forts. and small towns. for no reason except it’s fun so why not?


DSCN3284     DSCN3286


we also spent some time exploring for cool bugs and listening for cool sounds. we all lay down on the ground and held a finger up for each unique sound we heard. one of my guys even found a cool ant colony in a rotten log. i love seeing kids so excited about God’s creation.

DSCN3280     DSCN3279


4.) random happy things. like whoever came up with this brilliant new way of playing checkers:


and my kids actually singing and loving chapel:


and rockstar counselors who love what they do and are amazing at it:


and campers who love their cilts:


and campers who love their counselors:


and brave boy dodgeball:

DSCN3250     DSCN3247

and this letter one of my campers asked me to mail home for them:


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One thought on “week three: “it’s make your momma proud time… I LOVE MY MOMMA!”

  1. Horse says:

    Love, love, love your posts horse! These look like amazing times! LYH!!

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