week two: “you know, they should really sell vanilla coke in stores.”

so today at bible study, we got to talk about God’s faithfulness. we looked at different passages throughout scripture that detailed God’s faithfulness in a variety of areas; in forgiveness, in providing what we need, in giving us strength to stand up under temptation. then we all shared a table (and an amazing meal) together and swapped stories of God’s faithfulness in our own lives. it was so, so encouraging to both think back on the ways God has been faithful (all the time) to me and hear about how He’s been doing that in the lives of my friends.

it was actually a great topic, because this week i have definitely felt God’s faithfulness. last week was amazing, and i loved it, but at certain points i was a little discouraged because i didn’t feel like i was making a whole lot of personal connections with my campers. i think i wrote about it a few posts ago.

coming into this week, it kind of felt the same way. the boys are so great, but it’s easily the most energetic cabin i’ve ever had, and along with that energy comes a lot of struggle busing in the listening arena. they aren’t the best listeners, and for many of them, it doesn’t click that ignoring someone when they speak to you is a form of disrespect.

so it felt like i was doing a lot of redirecting and not a whole lot of making connections. yesterday i was feeling especially tired, and so naturally it was really easy to feel especially discouraged. i asked God to please provide some opportunities to make special connections with my campers.

and He totally answered my prayer.

let’s review all the awesome stuff that’s happened so far. yesterday was just lots of fun. we had some brave boy dodgeball, which is always a success.

DSCN3098     DSCN3100

DSCN3102     DSCN3101

many jail brakes were called. the second game we played had a medic, who can heal people when they’re hit. it was a blast; my guys were good sports (for the most part), and they all loved the excuse to run around and throw things at each other.

yesterday was also the day we unveiled a new unit game: prom night. in a nutshell, we had cabins trekking through the woods, answering camp trivia questions. every time they got a question right, they were able to dress their counselor in a costume item of their choice. then we had them go to the lake, where counselors had to fill a bucket with lake water using only the costume clothes they had acquired. it was one of the funniest things i’ve ever done.

also it was chaos.

DSCN3109     DSCN3110


DSCN3117     DSCN3119


DSCN3128     DSCN3127

it was so much fun. by the end i was soaking wet, absolutely exhausted, and may or may not have been laughing uncontrollably at the state of my fellow counselors. the kids loved it (i don’t believe even one boy  counselor made it to the lake without wearing a dress). it was such a blessing that something that could have gone so wrong (simply because it was the first time we played it) went so well. God definitely had His hand of blessing over it.

today has been even better. it’s probably been the best day with campers yet this summer. we had to do chapel in river village lodge because of some possible weather problems. turned out nothing happened, but chapel in the lodge was still really cool!

DSCN3129     DSCN3130

then we had clinics. the first one this week is hip hop with fizz. i love teaching with fizz; she’s got so many ideas and she’s so great with the kids. we work really well together, and this week we have an amazing group of girls. as in they almost know the whole song and it’s only tuesday. as in we’re giving them the second verse to choreograph because they’re that good. yeah.

DSCN3137     DSCN3134


the other clinic is peteca with dan. you might recall that i taught peteca my first week last summer. back then i had no idea what i was doing, but God worked it out so that it became my favorite clinic of the week anyway. this summer, i have an awesome partner and we have three great kids. since it’s so small, we really get to work on some second level skills like encouragement, persistence, encouragement, patience, and encouragement. it’s my favorite.

today we started keeping score of how many good hits we got. when we finally made it to thirty, we were all so excited that we had to take a quick photo shoot, naturally.

we took one with our score and frank (we named the ground, because it was catching most of our throws the first day.


then we took one with janet, because she caught a lot of our throws as well.


and then we took one of my favorite pictures i’ve ever taken ever.


so great. so, so great. i love these kids and working with dan and coming up with creative ways to teach peteca. God has really blessed me through the clinics i’m teaching this week.

at lunch, all the brave counselors found cans of coke in their mailboxes from ben and amy and their kids. it was the best.



and then i also got to see some of my favorite people today. lesem is always awesome.


and i love seeing counselors like bradzilla doing some one-on-one with their kids. always makes me smile.


best of all, today was a day where God allowed me to make some really cool connections with almost all my campers. He gave me the peace to let go of certain details that typically would have made me frustrated, and allowed lots of laughter and smiles and jokes and fun.


God is good. and He is faithful. all the time.

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One thought on “week two: “you know, they should really sell vanilla coke in stores.”

  1. Dave Wright says:

    You are doing a great work in the Kingdom, Brad. Love those kids and make sure they know God loves them too!

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