week one: “i just want to like penguins. is it okay if i like penguins?”

aaaaand one week down, eight to go.

fridays and saturdays are always an odd mixture of crazy chaos and bittersweet. there are so many things going on, and then all of a sudden everything stops and the kids go home. sometimes it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under you. but things get a little better when you remember you have a fresh group of kids coming the next day.

sometimes that makes things more stressful, depending on the week you’ve had.

friday is always a blast. everyone’s exhaustion gets pushed off at least a little because OHMYGOODNESSITSFRIDAY. clinics are fun, everyone has a special kind of energy, and everything seems a little more exciting. plus you get rockstar counselors like soaps and nick who dress up because why not.


my showchoir and hip-hop clinics auditioned for adam, and they rocked it. showchoir was pretty psyched to hear that they’d be performing in closing campfire.


friday also means the unit game. kellie and i figured that we should start the summer off strong with the beloved banana death march. it’s always a favorite. it was interesting being behind the scenes and being responsible for setting everything up. there are things we’ll do better next time, but it was so much fun to look around and see all the kids having a blast destroying their bananas.


DSCN3024     DSCN3022

DSCN3025     DSCN3030


the kids did a fantastic job of going all out, because only two cabins came back with bananas. the rest handed us peels in various stages of distress. kaitlyn’s and bradzilla’s cabins tied for grand prize, so they got a nice new hairdo that included mushy banana. they were such good sports.

DSCN3038     DSCN3039

friday means theme dinners, too. this week the theme was disco, so we got a lot of colors and fabrics and wigs. it was great. the best part about theme dinners is that you don’t actually need something that goes with the theme. if you can pull it off with confidence, it automatically matches the theme.


DSCN3049     DSCN3060

my favorite is when you get campers whose parents bought the same costume. i think a camp record might have been set with these guys (from three different cabins):


friday night is topped off with closing campfire, a time to celebrate the week, showcase awesome campers, and watch the performance clinics rock it on stage. show choir was maybe sort of excited to be up there:


we watched people dance, sing, act, and boogie all night. we sang about silly willy, watched a soap opera about two girls both toasting to their guy rudy jay begonia, and hailed the new buffalo queen.you know campfire as usual. the first campfire of the summer passed by smoothly and hilariously. loved every minute, and i was so proud of my clinic campers! they had a blast on stage and they looked so great!

after campfire we went back to the cabin for the bead devotion. it went really well too; i feel like it was the one where the campers were best behaved and really listened. when they chose which characteristic of the creed they wanted to work on, they really though about it, which was cool.

then saturday came, and it was time to say goodbye. enter the bittersweet.

DSCN3074     DSCN3079


DSCN3084     DSCN3080


i also managed to get some great pictures with campers from last summer. i love these guys.


gabe’s grown up a lot. this is one of those kids that i just know God is going to use to do huge things. gabe has the most sincere heart out of anyone i know. i love him to death.


joey and reed are some of my favorites. these guys, along with another named nate, are staying over, so i’ll get to see them next week too. my partner nate is working this weekend and has them all in his cabin. i joined them for devos tonight, and it was so incredibly encouraging to witness how the Lord has been growing them in understanding of what it looks like to live a life that honors God. i was humbled and blessed and so thankful. i’m excited to watch these guys grow.

camp is significant, friends. it changes people. God moves in really cool ways. and i’m pumped to see Him do it all over again next week!

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One thought on “week one: “i just want to like penguins. is it okay if i like penguins?”

  1. This makes me wish I could go back and be a kid in your cabin. You make it easy for me to love being a dad. LYH!!!

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