week one: “everybody watch out! nate’s summoning the thunder tonight!”

how is it already thursday of week one? having tuesday and thursday off always does that to me. the days are long, yet somehow the weeks fly by.

and what a week it’s been so far! wednesday we had gold rush, which is always a favorite. parents will often send their kids on certain weeks depending on which weeks we’re playing it. it’s a lot of running, a lot of searching adventurously through the fields for gold glinting in the sun, and a lot a lot a lot of water breaks.

DSCN2969     DSCN2968


they brought a mountain of gold for the winning cabins to sign. good thing camp had that stashed away somewhere. some of my kids were wondering how it hasn’t been stolen yet.

wednesday was really, really hot (hence the water breaks). these are my kids’ oh-my-gosh-it’s-so-hot-i-just-want-water faces:


luckily we support water here at camp. in fact, we just installed these neat water filter things that count the amount of plastic water bottles saved depending on how much water is used. lake and river are in a competition to see who can save the most water bottles. river is demolishing lake. wednesday we topped 2,000 (thanks to the show choir clinic!), and today we breached the 3,000 mark. it’s okay, you can be excited. we were.


today was a full day as well. before lake time, we had a brilliant mud hike. because of all the rain, the usual mud pit was out of the question, so instead we found really muddy spots on the hike and camped out there. it was probably the most fun i’ve ever had on one before. the guys really, really got into it.

DSCN2986     DSCN2991

so did the counselors.

DSCN2985     DSCN2993

chaos. beautiful, beautiful chaos.

DSCN2989     DSCN2988


i love these kids.


thursdays are also the days we have cookouts for the whole village. the coordinators help set it all up, so while the rest of the village was at lake time, kellie, chrissy, matt, and i all got the food ready. that is to say, we brought everything out, and then matt and i grilled like seasoned pros while the ladies cheered us on.



we were all exhausted by the end of it.


i love cookouts. i stayed for dinner and sat with my kids, reveling in the sun and the breeze and the hotdogs and the bug juice. cookouts are pretty popular with the campers too. i mean, when else do you get to eat dinner in a gaga pit?


DSCN3006     DSCN3007

the rest of the night has been relaxing and productive. i got a start on my parent letters, did some writing, and before i go to bed i want to spend some legitimate time in the word. so far things have been so chaotic that it hasn’t happened a whole lot. the cool thing is, a lot like the last two summers, i’m finding that God is all around. His presence is everywhere at camp. i can’t get away from Him, and i love it.

more things i love:

1.) watching hugo interact with basically any camper. especially when they find out he is ticklish.

DSCN3002     DSCN3003

2.) the fact that all my campers think tali is a brazilian princess. although she basically is.


3.) the fact that i get to have this guy in hip-hop dance clinic for a second year (even if i don’t get him in my cabin again).


4.) telling my kids that the louder you scream on the black hole, the faster you go (the one on the right was my first ever camper to tell me that i was wrong because sound waves don’t work that way).


5.) my kids this week.


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