a bunch of beginnings.

guys, staff training has officially started. and it is amazing.

allow me to brag on this year’s crop of new recruits. they are so, so awesome. they love Jesus, they love camp, and they are ready to love those kids. it’s already evident that everyone here is willing to do the work it’s going to take to make this summer amazing.

things i love:

1.) starting the week with prayer.



we are a people who are powerless without Jesus. we cannot do the things that need to be done unless His Holy Spirit is moving mightily in our hearts and in the lives of our campers. we are cars without gas. we are unplugged lamps. we are tools that need to be used to be useful. and while that may seem to paint a bleak picture, the glorious truth is that we have the fuel, we are connected to the One with true power, and we are utilized by the Creator of the universe. that is insane. but so, so cool.

2.) crazy costumes at camp.

DSCN2746     DSCN2749




yes, that first one is a guy dressed up as kevin from up. just more reasons i love camp. my cabin and i dressed up as killer whale trainers. even did a whole choreographed routine (okay, maybe giving us a bit too much credit).


turns out two other cabins also dressed up as killer whales. coincidence? or sign of great things to come? i tend to think the latter.

3.) meeting new friends. and seeing old ones.

DSCN2729     DSCN2730




DSCN2733     DSCN2751


camp is a place to meet people that you will stay close with for the rest of your life. God is creative in the ways He brings people together. something that i take a whole lot of comfort in when i’m feeling lost or unsure is that God not only is with us every step of the way, but He actually planned each of those steps. and He did so because, wherever you’re at, the circumstances you’re experiencing are what will best glorify Him and accomplish His plan. makes things seem a little more secure.

i think He loves to do this with people. people are brought into our lives at specific moments when we need them, often sharing truth and wisdom that are deeply needed. i’ve experienced this at camp, at school, and at home. i’m excited to see this happen with the staff this summer.

have i mentioned they’re awesome?

4.) opening campfire.



we didn’t have it where we usually do, but that doesn’t mean it was any less awesome and crazy and loud and fun. one of the things we talked about tonight was camp culture. craziness is just a slice of it. family and belonging, acceptance and encouragement, and love and fellowship were all mentioned. i love to be able to work at a place whose culture is so beautifully reflective of the way Jesus loves His church. it makes me excited for the rest of the summer. maybe i’ve mentioned that already.

friends, camp is here and i am beyond blessed. we went around at devotions and shared our favorite part of the day. mine was right before dinner was served… for the first time since i’ve been at camp this summer, i was joined in singing grace by the voices of all the staff. it was such a happy moment.

things like that happen at camp.

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2 thoughts on “a bunch of beginnings.

  1. Captain Oh Captain says:

    Horse, I’m so happy for you and ALL the staff! Sounds like you’re off to a great start. Do campers come in today, or do you have another week of training yet? LYH!!

  2. Jessica Hill says:

    Bradley, you are right where you are supposed to be.

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