“we’re calling them ‘whale-done’ cards. because… because of the whale thing. get it?”

how is it that time has already flown by so quickly? a week from today, i will have already been at camp for two days. that is insane! but so exciting. the past couple of weeks or so have been an odd combination of restful and busy. i meant to update on here many times, but the timing was never right. there are a few things i want to process through before camp really gets into gear.

for now, a list of awesome things that have happened since coming home:

1.) went flying for the first time in my life! christian invited me to join him as his flight instructor flew a helicopter from the hangar to a local hospital (no one was hurt, it was just routine). it was beyond cool.


it was crazy how small everything looked from above. i knew it would be like that, but i still had to remind myself that those weren’t toy cars down there. it was the perfect day for it, too. absolutely gorgeous.


DSCN2668     DSCN2675


definitely want to go up again. christian’s training to become a pilot, so soon he’ll be the one flying the helicopter (though becca has been given first dibs on the glider).

2.) my friend chris and i have started going through a study of luke together. chris (you can check out his blog here) is one of my closest friends, and one of the coolest guys i know. he recently dedicated his life to Jesus, and it has been one of the biggest blessings seeing his hunger for growth and community with other christians. even though he’ll be in muncie and i’ll be at camp, we’ll be staying in touch and passing along our thoughts, observations, and things God’s teaching us throughout the summer. we’re going through the same study guide of sorts, and i’m pumped to see how the Lord will use it.

3.) coord training! most of the unit coordinators for camp got together two weekends ago to plan for the summer. it was a lot like when the river village coords got together, just on a larger scale. we talked logistics, shared ideas and goals for the summer, and talked about how we can make this summer the best ever. plus i got to see HUGO! it was probably the highlight of my summer so far. which, i believe, is a good sign for the next eleven weeks.

DSCN2687     DSCN2688


this is one awesome team (minus a few key players).


and let’s face it… who wouldn’t want to work at a place like this for the whole summer?


4.) friendship bracelets. i asked camp people for requests and have made more of them in the past few days than the rest of my life combined. it’s crazy. and it’s fun. and it’s camp, so i’m not ashamed.

DSCN2707     DSCN2711

5.) scales lake. every year before i head off to camp, dad and i take a weekend to just hang out, spend some quality time together, and… watch a series or two of a tv show we’re currently watching. this year it was fringe (amazing show, by the way. so, so good). this year we had some really good dialogue about life and the future and things like that. it was just a really good time. plus, scales lake is absolutely gorgeous.

DSCN2699     DSCN2693


each year i grow more and more thankful for the relationship and friendship my dad and i have.


so that’s some of the stuff that’s been happening so far! crazy how fast it’s already flying by.

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One thought on ““we’re calling them ‘whale-done’ cards. because… because of the whale thing. get it?”

  1. Jessica Hill says:

    #1. you should update your picture below because you look so little in it.
    #2. glad you and hugo had a joyful reunion!
    #3. you are the cat’s pajamas.

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