“…you’re going to have to blur out that red solo cup.”

while i had two finals this week, the vast majority of work took place in the previous two weeks, so this one is kind of like the most relaxing seven-day stretch of my entire semester. this past weekend was filled with people i love and stuff i love to do.

thursday was the last cru of the year. creative team pulled off an insanely awesome mc transition experience. it parodied the parodies that mc transition videos usually pull, zipping through a variety of possible movies to use (the notebook, the dark knight rises, skyfall) and ending with a live performance of “one day more” from les mis. i got to be a part of it and it was awesome.


it was also a night of celebration for all the amazing things God did throughout the year. there was some beautiful testimony and worship that night, and i left praising God for the way He chooses to show up in so many ways.


friday night was the last servant team. also a time of celebration for what God had done, we got to welcome the new servant team members and talk about how each of our ministry areas had been blessed throughout the year. there were crazy games involving searching for staff team members (one of whom may or may not have wrapped himself in a trash bag and hidden in a full dumpster)…


a bonfire, complete with s’mores, pink lemonade, and the passing of the torch from the senior class to the underclassmen…

DSCN2585     DSCN2586


and general merriment and singing and picture taking…


it ended with some a capella four-part harmonies to hymns. no big deal.

saturday was awesome because i got to hang out with these people:


some of the cru staff parents dropped off their kids so they could have a day to relax with each other, and a bunch of us volunteered to watch them. it was basically the best thing ever. it took a little bit for some of the kids to get used to us, but by the end we were running around drawing chalk flowers, setting records for the longest amount of time we could keep a bouncy ball from hitting the ground, and being flung to the side by tyko’s “iron man hand”, which was quite the rage.

DSCN2606     DSCN2612


that last one is tyko helping ben perfect his iron man hand technique. he took it pretty seriously.


also he and hallie are inseparable, which was adorable.


daniel and i finally got to rematch in our checkers game. he won, and i wasn’t playing easy on him. he has an eye for triple jumps, and i was slightly embarrassed. but this just means we have to play again so i can regain my dignity.


that sunday was the final youth group. crazy shenanigans were had, naturally.

DSCN2617     DSCN2618

definitely a bittersweet time, because i’ve grown to love them all so much. thankfully, i’ll be back next year, Lord willing. adam managed to find a bunch of pictures of me without a beard and strung them together in a slideshow for the kids… if it sounds weird, it’s because it was, but in an endearing way. everyone (including me) decided i look better with a beard.

and that was the last weekend i will ever experience as a junior! crazy to think about.

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One thought on ““…you’re going to have to blur out that red solo cup.”

  1. Adam says:

    Haha glad I could help contribute to the shenanigans! The video was a pleasure to make 🙂

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