“i was going to make a joke, but i forgot the last funny thing we talked about.”

this weekend has been the best ever.

on friday, the new life youth group had a spectacular event:


and it was a huge hit. we had a variety of interesting and peculiar utensils. we started out by guessing who had brought which utensil, and then moved into a guess-the-name-and-use game for a few particularly curious ones that adam had brought.

DSCN2495     DSCN2496


then we got to nominate each utensil for a certain award category.


i am proud to say that i received awards for both the largest and oldest utensil. props go to my roommate dan, who let me borrow it. stark obviously wishes it was his.


after that, we sat down for a spaghetti dinner. there was only one stipulation: we had to use the utensil we brought. the results were brilliant.

DSCN2518     DSCN2510


and after that it was so gorgeous outside that we just had to play some ultimate.


DSCN2539     DSCN2556


it was a blast. then i had to go back home and write a seventeen page paper before midnight, but it worked out pretty well. the next morning ben and i got up for the college mentors walk for kids. last year it was rainy and hardly anyone showed up, but this year the weather was great and we had an awesome turnout! even better, chaise, one of my guys, was there!

we spent the walk talking about life, music, and four wheelers. we made fun of each other for liking star trek and legos, and freaked out every time we had to pass this creepy dollhouse in the middle of the woods. not a joke. it was waaaay more fun than i had anticipated. chaise is such a great guy, and it’s been awesome to become better friends this year.

DSCN2567     DSCN2566


i went right from the walk back to becca’s apartment to meet up with my family, who had driven up for mom’s birthday weekend! it’s always such precious time when all of us are together. we don’t even have to be doing anything to have fun. we ate lunch at becca’s apartment, and then the women went to a baby shower while dad and i crashed in the suite to watch breaking bad, which is our new show (we weren’t sure we’d find something to compare to 24 or lost, but so far it’s been a really engaging show).

that night we went to texas roadhouse for dinner, and then headed back to mom and dad’s apartment to hang out. the syracuse/michigan game was on (we were rooting for the orange!) and i managed to get a little bit of homework done. i was dead tired when i got back to the suite, and fell asleep in an instant.

this morning chris, my family, and i went to new life for sunday school and to hear kyle preach. sunday school was great (more on that later), kyle brought a great message about the implications of Christ’s resurrection on our daily lives, and it was really special to be at a church i love so much with people that i love so much. and tonight i have youth group, so the fun’s not even over!

i don’t deserve this kind of awesome life. God is so good.


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