“but i have an owl, so…”

christmas break was absolutely awesome. after getting back from chicago, christmas was in full swing. we made goodies…

DSCN2244     DSCN2249


trimmed the tree…


and there was general merriment all around.

as each year passes, i realize more and more how precious my family is to me. they’ve never not been precious, of course, but as each of us gets older, i feel like we all appreciate and love each other even more.

christmas day at our house looks a bit different from most people that i’ve talked to. we typically get up around nine, crash in the living room, and open stockings. my dad stays up all hours of the night wrapping each individual stocking gift. in years past, they included things like lisa frank pencils, fruit, and erasers shaped like animals or candy (these days, post-it notes, mechanical pencils, and other slightly more practical things grace our stockings). we take turns, so it takes an hour or so.

after that, we clean up and make brunch. eggs, bacon, cinnamon rolls, the works. it’s wonderful. then we clean up together and head back into the living room to open the tree presents one at a time. i think we set a personal family record a year or two ago, wrapping the whole ordeal up at 2 or 3 in the afternoon. it’s not because we have a ton of gifts, but rather because so much of our time is spent laughing, telling stories, hugging, loving on each other, and sometimes crying if someone tried really hard to get someone else a really emotional gift.

and i think that’s way better than getting a ton of presents anyway.

there were some real winners this year.


(that’s an iphone case.)


(my sister loves owls. what of it?) (see the one in the background?)


(these ones were mine. i got them all in one gift! i was really, really excited. still am.)

also, we actually got snow! if you’ve never been to (or, more likely, heard of) newburgh, the fact is we don’t get snow. like, hardly ever. school was closed one time for half an inch. not joking.


plus that afternoon, i got one of my favorite presents: our whole family went to go see les mis together! it was amazing. easily one of the most powerful movies i’ve ever seen. the acting and singing was great (with one exception) and the cinematography was fantastic. having been in the musical when i was in eighth grade, it was really cool to see something i was a part of (in a much smaller sense) brought so professionally to the big screen. i went home and bought the soundtrack the same day.

time with family: check. snowstorm: check. lots of laughter and love to spare: check.

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One thought on ““but i have an owl, so…”

  1. Mom! says:

    It WAS a great Christmas! I love you Brad! ❤

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