“are you classically trained?”

my christmas break began with a wonderful trip to chicago to hang out with some friends from camp. scott drove up to ball state and we left for olivia’s humble abode the following afternoon. james joined us later that evening, and maryclare entertained us while olivia finished up a paper for school.

the weekend was really, really awesome and full of wonderful happenings. lots of pictures were taken.

we decided to have a photobooth marathon.

Photo on 2012-12-15 at 23.00     Photo on 2012-12-15 at 23.07 #3

we made a list of possible activities and had a youtube party (excuse me, partay).

DSCN2094     DSCN2086

we ate many delicious meals together (including homemade blueberry scones!)

DSCN2103     DSCN2110


we decorated the christmas tree (correction: scott and i decorated the tree while everyone else watched on the couch) and hung up some garland outside. that took waaaayy longer than it should have… phase one ended with olivia and maryclare’s grandparents pulling into the driveway to see scott on james’ shoulders, trying unsuccessfully to secure it to the doorframe. but phase two ended with it beautifully placed, thanks to some nails and a bit of ingenuity.

DSCN2113     DSCN2114

DSCN2142     DSCN2148

that was the night olivia and maryclare’s grandparents came for dinner. they were two of the sweetest people i’ve ever met, and it was a blast that night talking with them and seeing the love that their family shares. naturally, we had to get some photo evidence of all this love.


DSCN2171     DSCN2173

a great majority of our time was spent singing together with james jamming on the guitar. one night we seriously just came up with song after song we thought it might be fun to harmonize to. for a couple of hours. i was a fan.



we had a photoshoot at the beach. it was awesome but absolutely freezing. also the beach was closed, so…

DSCN2216     DSCN2214


DSCN2211     DSCN2224


on our last day we went to visit the lego store in chicago. it was amazing.

DSCN2236     DSCN2239

there were lego sculptures everywhere, with a huge table in the center with a ton of pieces for people to sit and create stuff with. so, naturally, james, scott, and i took a half hour to build things.


okay, we didn’t build that. but we probably could have.


okay, that one wasn’t ours either.

afterwards, we got lunch together and drove to grand central station (filled with near-misses and near-death experiences), which is where my bus was picking me up. since my bus was about to leave, it was a quick goodbye, but olivia still had the time to yell at me not to forget my constipation medicine as i was getting onto the bus.

i was greeted by many wary looks as i made my way to the very back seat. i felt like it was the perfect ending to a wonderful week. definitely the perfect way to start christmas break. james, scott, olivia, and maryclare are some of the most amazing people i know.

allow me to close with some of my favorite pictures of the trip:





yep. it was the best ever.

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3 thoughts on ““are you classically trained?”

  1. Sounds like you guys had so much fun!!!!!!!

  2. Olivia Flores says:

    So much love, so much fun.

    P.S. I couldn’t imagine a better end to the week 😉

  3. Jessica says:

    I went to Chicago also! glad you had a good time.

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