things to be thankful for.

i am forcing myself to take a break from all the craziness of studying and writing papers in order to update. i have been woefully inadequate in keeping up this past month, and i must admit that while part of it was nanowrimo (which, alas, i did not fully complete… 25,000 words isn’t too bad though!), a lot of it has been the whole end-of-the-semester-coming-out-of-nowhere thing.

always happens. yet it catches me off guard every time.

this past thanksgiving was the best ever. it’s always great to come home and see people i love, but this one was extra special because mom and dad renewed their vows for their 30th anniversary, which was earlier in november. which is just one of the things i’m so thankful for.

DSCN1994     DSCN1998

1.) i’m thankful for putting together puzzles with family.

DSCN1996     DSCN1995


2.) i’m thankful for my cousins dan and lauren and mike and my aunt terri. i’m thankful for the way family is a bond that spans time and age and change.

3.) i’m thankful for home movies and home alone quotes and sharing memories with people i love.

4.) i’m thankful for good food and kitchen tables that are just big enough to fit everyone and the way that relationships grow stronger the longer they exist.

5.) i’m thankful for cookie decorating competitions (that note says “Eat ugliest cookies first. Last one left wins.”).


DSCN2018     DSCN2019

6.) i’m thankful for opportunities to catch up and see what everyone’s doing with their lives.

7.) i’m thankful for mom and dad. for their marriage that’s been a testament to Christ-centered love. for the way that they have always told us how much they love each other. for the way i was always secure in that when growing up.

8.) i’m thankful for a dad who has taught me to love well and find my strength in Christ.

9.) i’m thankful for a mom who has taught me the necessity of compassion and that it’s okay to mess up.

10.) i’m thankful for emily, who can make me laugh even on the bluest of days.

11.) i’m thankful for christy, who always has the wisest words to say.

12.) i’m thankful for becca, who knows what i’m thinking with a look.

13.) i’m thankful for productive days of transforming an office into a beautiful vow renewal ceremony.

DSCN2004     DSCN2005

14.) i’m thankful for love.


15.) i’m thankful for nights filled with family, friends, celebration, love, and dancing.

DSCN2035     DSCN2036


DSCN2028     DSCN2022


16.) i’m thankful for home.

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One thought on “things to be thankful for.

  1. Jessica Hill says:

    You’re one blessed man! 🙂

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