december so far.

i really can’t believe we’re already well into the last year of the month (and possibly the last year of the world). i’m already done with classes; all that’s left are some finals. they’re not too bad, but i’ll definitely be clocking in some time with the books tonight. thankfully, none of them are too bad. and you know what? december has been pretty awesome so far.

it started out much like, i assume, many of our decembers did: with an epic nerf gun battle.



new life hosted this wondrous event for the middle school and high school guys on the first of the month, and it was some of the most fun i’ve had in a long time. some of the guys brought their own weaponry, and adam swung by walmart to pick up some extra equipment for those of us who had missed this essential piece of our childhood. we set out some tables in the main fellowship area, and filled them with guns.

DSCN2055     DSCN2054


we had a blast. we spread out over the entire building, splitting into teams and protecting our targets. we played a game where one person is the president and he chooses two others to protect him, and everyone else ambushes them. everything was a mixture of capture the flag, hide and seek, and assassin’s creed. so it was basically the best ever. at one point, when robert and i were protecting isaac, we threw together a rather impressive barricade.



that was the aftermath. before it was destroyed, the door was completely covered. later, we decided that we had to get some intense pictures out of the way.




expendables 3, anyone? afterwards it took an hour to clean up (we’re still finding nerf darts throughout the building) and we all had some pizza to celebrate. it was definitely a blast, and we decided it must happen again.



this month also marks the last servant team meeting of the semester. we all got together at the living room, a fun place in downtown muncie, and spent the night celebrating all the awesome ways that God showed up and is working in the lives of students on campus. it was really awesome to see people and hear about how all the different ministries are going.

DSCN2040     DSCN2044

they had a map of the campus cut into different pieces. each ministry area went to their specific piece and wrote down all the awesome stuff God had done this semester. at the end we put them all together. it was really encouraging to see the ways the Lord had been moving across the entire campus. sometimes it’s easy to have a focus only on the one section you’re involved in, so to step back and remind ourselves of the big picture was, i think, really beneficial. God is good.


afterwards a bunch of the guys crashed at evan and zach’s apartment to hang out. there was good food and some cookies to decorate. we all oohed and aahed at the intensely awesome decorations zach had labored over. we were all seriously impressed.

DSCN2048     DSCN2049


can you guess what movie this group of men decided on? if your first instinct was to say the polar express, then you are absolutely correct. it was great. not at all creepy or dominated by tom hanks. afterwards we drove home and fed the squirrels some oatmeal raisin cookies. by throwing them from the car window. maybe.

last thursday was christmas cru, the last cru of the year. this one was special because off scripture, cru’s creative team, was in charge of basically the whole thing. evan came up to intro the gospel and our need for Christ, and then we had a series of skits depicting what life would be like without Jesus. when i first heard the concept, i was skeptical, because there are a lot of ways to make something like that really cheesy.

but God totally blessed it. the scripts were tastefully and honestly written, the music was beautifully composed, and the direction was brilliant. i had the chance to be in the choir and in one of the skits, and when i first read the script i was blown away. it was really intense and really vulnerable. it was hilarious at some points and somber at others. mitch and katie acted like clarence and george from it’s a wonderful life, where clarence shows george a few different scenes of a world in which Jesus never came.


if people haven’t experienced unconditional love, they are unable to express anything but selfishness. if people haven’t been given the free gift of grace, they cannot give selflessly. without Jesus, there is no ultimate meaning to life. there is no ultimate purpose, though many search for it. and without Jesus, there is no hope after death. none.


but God showed up. He kept His promises and sent His Son to live that perfect life so that we might know a love that is not dependent on how perfectly we love Him back, a grace that isn’t dependent on how well we’ve earned it, a purpose rooted in the Creator of all things, and a hope that is firmly grounded in the Word of God. a God who keeps His promises.

the skits are replayed, each with Christ now present. life isn’t perfect; there’s still death and there’s still sin. but now there is hope, love, and meaning.

everything concludes with the choir singing a mix of worship and christmas songs. it was one of the coolest things i’ve ever had the chance to do.


and that’s kind of been the theme for this year. God’s shown up in really awesome and unexpected ways. and the year’s not over yet! there’s still chicago with friends, christmas with family, indycc with more friends! and before all that… finals! yay!

i should probably start studying for those.

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One thought on “december so far.

  1. Jessica Hill says:

    It sounds like that even though the semester caught you off guard, it ended greatly!

    also, don’t knock Polar Express. I love that movie.

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