special: august

this is the final chapter from my short story, special, that i wrote back in high school. i’m taking a break from regular blog posts so i can focus on expanding it into a novel for nanowrimo. enjoy!



It’s the first day of classes. I’m making my way across campus to my literature class, hoping that my teacher won’t kill me if I’m a few minutes late. The weather is trying to decide with which season it’s allegiance lies, resorting to a strange limbo between summer and autumn. The slightest of breezes follows me as I walk.

Five minutes later, as I sit down in my chair, the teacher tells us to take out our pencils and notebooks.

“Your first assignment,” he says, “is to write at least two pages about someone whose influence shaped the person you are today. You’ll hand them in at the end of class. Go.”

I pause for a second, smile to myself, and begin to write.

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One thought on “special: august

  1. Jessica Hill says:

    I’m so proud of you for doing nanowrimo! it’s a huge endeavor, especially amongst projects and jobs and life. but you did it! great job, bug!

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