special: february – part 1

as promised, the next six or seven entries will be chapters from my short story, special, that i wrote back in high school. i’m taking a break from regular blog posts so i can focus on expanding it into a novel for nanowrimo. enjoy!



The kid deserved it. I punched his lights out because he was being an idiot, okay? And let’s face it: freshmen can always use a good hit to knock ‘em down a peg or two anyway. It wasn’t just today, either—he’d had it coming for a long time. But now, of course, no one cares about why it happened. They just care that it did happen. Whatever.

So now I’m in the principal’s office, staring at this pudgy, wrinkly man who’s throwing out phrases like “disturbing pattern”, “safety of your fellow students” and “focus on others”. I’ve heard it all before, although admittedly not to this degree, and I’m getting bored with his speech. But the phrase that snaps me out of my disengaged state is…

“One semester of saturday school.”

My eyebrows shoot up. “What? That’s insane, Mr. Tesh!”

His furry eyebrows coalesce into an angry V. “I’m not interested in your take on the punishment, Mr. Nelson. However, you do have another option.” He waits for a response, but I’m sure not gonna give him one, even though I’m rejoicing inside. A semester of saturday school—or almost a semester, seeing as how it’s already February—would be brutal. After a moment, he continues. “Should you decide not to waste every Saturday of your last semester in this school, you would be changing your third period class to work with Mrs. Brown in the Special Needs room.”

It takes a few seconds to sink in. I’d be dropping my study hall to work with some sped kid? What? If the first option were anything else, I’d choose that. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with needing special… attention, but sped kids just kind of creep me out. But, man, a whole freaking semester of saturday school?

I grit my teeth. “Yeah, okay. Sure.”

Mr. Tesh’s small smile gives birth to a third chin as I get up and walk out of the office.

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One thought on “special: february – part 1

  1. Jessica Hill says:

    I remember this story! I’m glad you’re expanding it.

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