fall retreat: sunday!

sunday was a great end to a great fall retreat.

got to wake up to beautiful weather and some beautiful colors on the trees.

really gorgeous stuff. breakfast was oh-so-camp with its powdered egg mixture and bakery delicacies, and catching up with everyone was awesome. everyone was in such a great mood, even though everyone was absolutely exhausted. we filtered out so the staff could flip the dining hall for the last main session, and when I walked in, i got super excited, because i saw this:


and then people started doing the electric slide to taylor swift’s we are never ever ever getting back together, which i didn’t even realize was possible for some reason. learn something new every day.


we did some amazing worship through song, and then we split up to do our last class time. the juniors met in the lodge with cary and julie, and we had some really awesome discussion about putting our busy lives into the context of our relationships with Jesus, instead of making Him one more category that we try and fit into our lives. being a google calendar guy myself, this made a lot of sense to me. so often i forget that unless the rest of my life is seen within the scope of my relationship with Jesus (which is the only thing that has a direct impact on literally everything else in my life), there will always be conflict. good stuff. lots of good discussion.

after that, we all went our separate ways to clean up camp. after sweeping out all the leaves and bugs, me, brandon, josh, and bobby got a picture together outside our yurt (i think there was some confusion on what kind of a picture this was supposed to be… as in i really think all four of us are doing something way different from each other. no big deal):

then we piled into the tram with all our stuff to go to our cars. we took one last crazy picture with everyone…

and then loaded up! mitch was a little too important for me, but daniel and ray were happy to oblige a final picture in that wonderful springhill parking lot.


the drive home was filled with less rips in space-time, but it was still a lot of fun. i was totally worn out and slept straight for three hours, then woke up and realized, bonus! i get to go to youth group! we played some crazy game that involved crawling around and me pretending that i was out of breath on purpose, and not because i was actually feeling like a grandpa.


what a perfect way to end a perfect weekend.

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One thought on “fall retreat: sunday!

  1. Jessica Hill says:

    sounds like a great end to a great retreat, bud! so glad you had good fellowship and that God was teaching you and reteaching you, even amidst all the tiredness.

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