baseball, brains, and bern bersh.

guys, something wonderful happened: i found my camera! the best and worst part is that it was in my desk the whole time. but hey, it’s back with me now!


a couple weeks back i got to go to another one of drew’s baseball games. it’s always a blast, cheering him on and watching him play. it’s been a great chance to get to know kim, his mom, better, and i often get to see troy as well. yesterday i was able to make it to the final game of the season, and we had a great time (even if i thought i was going to freeze to death). it’s been a blessing to see the Lord answer my prayers of having opportunities to support drew and keep in touch.

yep, that’s a brain. in my intro to neurobiology class (it’s a psych class, i promise), we’re learning all about the brain (no surprise there), so my awesome teacher brought one in for us to look at and mess around with. this is a teacher who is a self-proclaimed nerd, loves all things zombies, and encourages us to come up with creative reasons involving dinosaurs and aliens if we’re late to class. basically it’s awesome.


ermagersh! bern bersh! it was a great time. i was only able to go for the last half hour or so, but i went with chris and some others, and we just jumped around and danced to taylor swift and tim mcgraw and other country folk. i love being with a huge group of people that aren’t afraid to look weird when they dance, and are just really into having fun with other people, regardless of who they know well. it’s always a ton of fun. kelsey and i did some swing dancing (we’re pros), and malachi, ben, and i made fun of each other. great times.

i received one of the best letters ever from a camper that wasn’t even in my cabin. we’ve been writing creative letters back and forth, and he one-upped me this time. last night i just received another one, and it had stickers and pop-out messages and jokes, plus a picture his mom had taken of the two of us… needless to say, i have to step up my game here.

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One thought on “baseball, brains, and bern bersh.

  1. Jessica Hill says:

    I love you, but the fact that it was on your desk does not surprise me.

    sounds like you are really having a good life this week! 🙂

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