things i’m okay with.

1.) procrastinating on this paper a little bit.

2.) hearing the ways God has worked in the lives of my friends.

3.) beginning to understand what it means to enter God’s rest. a little.

4.) college mentors tomorrow. and having four buddies instead of two this year.

5.) a clean suite.

6.) the final book in the giver quartet finally being released.

7.) good music playlists.

8.) friendship bracelets staying on even after twelve weeks.

9.) getting letters from campers.

10.) singing in the talent search tomorrow.

11.) learning to play guitar.

12.) granola bars and peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

13.) conversations with wonderful old ladies.

14.) blankets.

15.) naps.


things i would be okay with (if they were to happen):

1.) finding my camera.

2.) finding my small bible.

3.) getting a perfect score on this freaking paper.

4.) getting nine hours of sleep (ha!).

5.) gaining the ability to control time.

6.) not having to worry about anything, ever.

7.) having more time to just write.

8.) having more time to just read.

9.) having more time to just rest.

10.) having more time to just sing.

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2 thoughts on “things i’m okay with.

  1. Mom! says:

    Ah, writing, reading, resting and singing more…… sounds great!
    And I would like to be nearby for the singing part.

  2. Jessica Hill says:

    oh, I do love your lists. I surely do.

    Remember that in replenishing others, it is important to replenish yourself.

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