things that have made this week really great so far.

1.) going to pedro’s baptismal service with dan and paige and zack’s family. he texted dan and i on friday and invited us to indy to celebrate with him, so we said absolutely and piled in dan’s car on sunday morning to drive up. it was a beautiful event to witness. God is good and as dan said, it is awesome to know that we will be worshiping God for eternity with pedro. how crazy and cool is that?

2.) sunday evening was youth group. robert and i were not planning on leading this one, especially since both lydia and i had servant team to go to that night. however, through a series of unexpected circumstances, it ended up being placed in our laps. in another set of unexpected circumstances, we were at new life planning for it for about ten minutes before kids started arriving. in other words, we were not prepared. at all. and yet it went so well. the Holy Spirit was moving, and using mine and robert’s feeble efforts to get discussion going. the kids were involved, the conversation felt natural, and it was clear that some of the kids were really contemplating the stuff that was being brought up. we were talking about being a true follower of Jesus instead of just being a fan, and it was cool to see the kids wrestle with some of that stuff. God’s really blessing these sunday nights.

3.) working at the writing center. my coworkers are the coolest ever, i get to work with some pretty awesome clients, and if i don’t have anyone that i’m working with, i can just do homework. most people i know with an on-campus job aren’t too crazy about it, but i have felt really blessed at the wc. also there’s this add-on story we’ve created on the back bulletin board:

talk about a cliff-hanger!! what will batman do with the stronger-than-steel hair? how will he stop the rhinos? will brittney play a larger role in this adventure? so many questions.

4.) my time with the Lord. sometimes i get so caught up in how i’m supposed to have my God time… should i be studying a book of the bible, or going through a reading plan? do i have to write a few pages in my journal for it to count? i should probably spend some intentional time in prayer. all that kind of stuff. and then what happens is i totally miss the point of God time: God. the purpose is to draw closer to Him. if what i’m doing draws my focus to something else (even something “Christian”), then i’ve missed the point. cary, my discipler and bible study leader and good friend, had some good advice: just read. just spend time in the word and see what God reveals to me. don’t worry specifically about what or how or when, if that’s getting in the way.

so i took his advice. and the past week has been on of the most rejuvenating weeks, ever, in my walk with the Lord. i’ve been switching back and forth in the past seven days between a study of hebrews and a study called roots that we’re going through in dan’s navs study. both have been renewing, enlightening, and have made me love Jesus more. i had an especially sweet time of prayer late, late Friday night, and came away feeling so refreshed. i got a small glimpse of the mind of the Lord. it was humbling and intoxicating.

5.) the first guys’ group of the year. youth group is on sunday nights, and it’s with middle school and high school guys and girls. on wednesday nights, they all split up. adam, who usually leads the high school guys, is now a father (to a son named stark! how awesome is that?) and is taking the next few weeks off, so robert and i lead all the guys, even though we’ll normally be taking just the middle schoolers. it was just really awesome. we’re going through a book called do hard things, and it seems like all the guys are wanting to own this idea of being Godly men and stretching themselves for God’s glory. robert and i were really encouraged at the end of it, and it was so cool getting to know some of the guys that i’ve seen around at new life a little deeper. i’m excited for the rest of the year!

6.) college mentors interviews. i’m doing college mentors again (and if you’re a student at ball state, you should too!!) and i’m pumped. i went in for the interview, and it got me excited all over again. although one of my buddies from last year isn’t in it again, dylan, my other little buddy, is. so i’ll get to hang out with him all year again! i’m really excited to continue being his mentor… it makes a big difference when you don’t have to spend time at the beginning of the year getting past the awkward i-don’t-know-you stage. plus i found out that one of the kids that was in college mentors my freshman year, jack, is in it again this year, and i might be paired with him! i came away from that meeting so excited and ready to pour into these kids. lots of times they just need to know someone thinks they’re really worth it, no matter how they behave or what they say. i’m ready to be that person for them.

7.) watching lost with dad. it was the first time we’d caught up on an episode in a really, really long time, and it was great to get back into it. we have this great system of skyping while having netflix open, so we can talk to each other while watching an episode. there were some minor hangups, and an unexpected pause so that we could calculate some intense math problems, but otherwise it ran rater smoothly. watching lost is great, but my favorite part is always catching up on life beforehand. we usually do that longer than it takes to watch an episode. and i’m good with that. he’s pretty great, i guess.

8.) jimmy john’s with tanner and dan. after cru tonight, dan, tanner, and i just went to jimmy john’s to hang out. we talked about life, julian smith videos, and plans for the semester. i dearly love those guys. i’m continually realizing the importance of having men in my life that encourage me and point me to Christ. these are two of them.

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One thought on “things that have made this week really great so far.

  1. Jessica Hill says:

    sounds like life is great! it seems like you are really narrowing your focus, which is good! because the truth is, our growth is so stifled when we have our hands in so many pots. By investing more in your church, which you go to anyway, and taking less of a leadership role in Cru (just discipling as opposed to 90 other things), you’re furthering your relationship with God. We are meant to have friends, but not 300 best friends. Because if we were, none of those friends would really truly have our attention and our time, because we’d be worrying about pouring into all of our other 299 best friends. it’s like that with clubs, too, I guess.

    You are doing amazing things and I’m proud to call you my best friend! (and that’s out of like 10, so your percentage of pouring-into is pretty great!)

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