“if t-swift and adele got together and then broke up, just imagine about all the wonderful music that would result.”

friday night it was raining like crazy. so, naturally, after watching an episode of scooby doo, a group of us decided to go mudsliding.

at first i decided i was going to stay in my nice warm suite and watch some netflix, but everyone else’s excitement and energy propelled me off the couch. i grabbed my camera and followed them out to the deho beach, where they tried to set the record for longest mudslide. it was pretty epic.


we (and by we i mean they) jumped into the fish fountain to wash off, and we were struck by a brilliant idea: fountain hopping. so the next thirty minutes we ran all over campus, jumping into all the fountains we could find.

it was a great and unexpected workout, running while balancing so you didn’t slip and slam down on the ground. needless to say it happened once or twice.


when we got to frog baby, there was actually some room to move around.


it was so much fun to just be crazy, run around, and spend time with awesome people.


plus, i just love thunderstorms. part of it is, of course, the actual sound of thunder… it’s just so huge, and the way it rattles your ribcage and jawbone when it cracks across the pitch black sky makes me feel really tiny. i think it brings back memories of being tucked up in a blanket, sitting with the family in the living room. so to me, thunder sounds safe. it sounds fun and inviting. probably not that way for everyone, but i like it.

i’m thankful for friends who will tell me to get up and come with them. i’m thankful for thunderstorms and rain. i’m thankful for dry towels and warm blankets. i’m thankful for laughter and craziness and smiling.

we discovered after we got back that there was a fountain we missed. so i mean now we know what we’ll be doing the next time it pours.

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3 thoughts on ““if t-swift and adele got together and then broke up, just imagine about all the wonderful music that would result.”

  1. Emily Hough says:


  2. Mom says:

    Oh to be in college again… 🙂 Enjoy every minute…….AND make sure you study!! 🙂

  3. Jessica Hill says:

    sometimes we have to force ourselves to hang out with people. I’ve found that in pays off nearly every time.

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