“that’s the seventh time they’ve called it an inner sanctum.”

ladies and gentlemen, something awesome happened today: i finally got my books.

this is a very awesome thing. a very important thing. because only now do i finally feel like the year has officially started. i’ve been kind of swimming blindly through my classes, nodding and smiling like i know what’s going on (not the case… not the case at all). i’m not one to sit down with a cup of coffee and a good textbook before bed, but it is nice to feel like i actually have some control over my schoolwork now.

things i appreciate in a classroom:
1.) professors that i’ve had before.
2.) discussion that is captivating and challenging.
3.) chances to learn without being made to feel like an idiot.
4.) group work in which all members of the group actually work together.
5.) watching youtube videos for the first half of class. or all of it.
6.) getting to know professors and fellow students.

in other news, here are a few more updates:

i finished the last of my glass-bottled cokes! it was just as wonderful as i’d hoped. special thanks to my secret buddy from camp, erin! i have yet to use my famous moustaches mug, but trust me when i say that it will be a happy day, and i will post about it.

brandon got a job! woohoo!! look at him, all dressed up in his pizza king gear. he worked hard for it, and it paid off! all of us in the suite are proud of him and excited and hoping that this means discounted pizza (alas, not until he’s worked for a year). we’ll try to work something out.



God was doing the most beautiful thing with the clouds the other day, and so i had to try and capture it with my camera. of course, the pictures don’t do the real scene justice at all, but hopefully some of it gets across. i’m not usually one to stop at gawk at nature, but it was a panoramic view of some of the deepest pinks, yellows, and blues i’ve seen in the sky. it’s so cool that God takes the time to craft something like that, even though only a respectively small number of people would see it.

last night, i just spent some time talking with some of the guys in the suite. sometimes i hole up in my room to watch netflix or work on homework or waste time doing nothing, and i felt like i was being drawn out towards the living room, so i closed my computer and just went out. it was great; we talked about life and stuff that all of us were going through, shared stories and advice and encouragement. and then, to top it off, we finished off daniel’s cinnamon cake and watched a couple episodes of scooby doo. for the record, i called that the tar monster was actually the protagonist’s assistant, who had vanished the night earlier. didn’t call that the witch was a long-lost identical twin though. tough.


i mean, really, what better way is there to end the night?

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2 thoughts on ““that’s the seventh time they’ve called it an inner sanctum.”

  1. Jessica Hill says:

    why would you sit down with a cup of coffee before bed?

    i’m glad you are settling in, bug! good luck in all your classes. praying for you this week.

  2. Mom! says:

    🙂 Sounds like a great evening with friends 🙂

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