“so what’s it like being a twin?”

one of the most common questions i get is what it’s like being a twin. i usually ask a question of my own: what’s it like not to be a twin? what’s it like not to have someone you’ve literally spent your entire life with? what’s it like not having someone always there, to fight and bicker and play and laugh with? i wouldn’t want to imagine life without becca. it wouldn’t be worth it. she’s like my best friend.

but, i will attempt to answer that question, as best i can.

being a twin means…

1.) always having someone to just hang out with.

2.) always having someone to play dress up with.


3.) having someone who gets you, can tell you when you’re being stupid, and can say just the right words to make you feel better.

4.) always having someone you can drive around with, blasting loud music and singing from the top of your lungs because you had a crappy day.

5.) always having someone to walk to school with. or just go to the same school with. having someone who is just a short walk away when you have an extra fifteen minutes to catch up.


6.) always having someone to reorganize the bedroom closet with into a secret spy hideout, complete with maps and gadgets.

7.) always having someone to bicker with. because let’s be honest, that happened.

8.) always having someone who would forgive you for being really stupid and mean, because you’re around each other all the time, so you might as well just get over it.

9.) always having someone who you’re told, rather consistently, that “someday you’ll be so close” to.


10.) always having someone to share the awesomeness of a birthday with. having someone who agrees that just exchanging cards this year is totally acceptable.


11.) always having someone who’s not afraid to make fun of you for being really nerdy or watching soap operas (to clarify, the first one is me, and the second one is becca).

12.) always having someone who cares about you.


16.) always having someone who is really excited to see you.


17.) having someone who will join you in the things you love. someone who will be happy when you’re happy, sad when you’re sad, and laughing with you over really dumb things that for some reason just seem really funny at three in the morning.


being a twin is my favorite. becca is one of my best friends, someone who gets me and knows me and loves me anyway. twenty-one years have flown by. we’ve grown older, grown up, and grown closer. what an incredible blessing it is to have someone like becca in my life.

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8 thoughts on ““so what’s it like being a twin?”

  1. Jessica Hill says:

    i loved this one so much I had to read it right now. good job being a twin! man, God really knew what He was doing with that one.

  2. Katrina says:

    Love it! Your parents are blessed to have you two!

  3. jhough61 says:

    Your parents are REALLY blessed to have you two!!! xoxo

  4. Jamie Z says:

    I just love you both! God had all this love, fun, and compassion to make a person, so he decided to split it and make two people special people. I’m glad he did becuause you guys are such a blessing to the world.

  5. Brad's Mom says:

    Brad, what a wonderful post to read… I praise God that He blessed US with twins! You two make our lives sweet!! ❤

  6. Okay….can you please hand me a tissue through this computer? I need one!!!! What a beautiful tribute to your friendship and “siblehood” (is that a word? it is now!) YOU and BECCA are amazing! Thanks for sharing, brad!!

  7. Emily H says:

    love LOVE this. and love you both dearly. ❤

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