wishday, washday, wednesday, birthday.

this past weekend was mine and becca’s birthday, and let me just tell you. it was an awesome day.

first, i got to sleep in. that was awesome, because i don’t get to do that often. it was a very relaxing start to the day. then i got a text from casey poe telling me that she was waiting downstairs with a plate of fresh birthday banana muffins! i was, needless to say, super excited. it was basically the best way to wake up ever. also there were actually two plates! and they were delicious.

after a brunch of banana muffins, i got to work cleaning up mine and dan’s room and the suite. it felt good to finally get my desk cleared off, either throwing the last of the useless junk out or finding the perfect spot for it in my shelves. it’s a good feelings. once everything was straightened and felix was placed contentedly against my pillows, i headed over to becca’s apartment to wait for mom and dad.

reunions with my parents are one of the sweetest blessings God provides. even though we’d seen them just over a week earlier, there were still bear hugs and happy laughs and huge smiles all around. every time we get to see each other is a blessing, and as we all get older, the better it gets.

so mom and dad came in to check out becca’s apartment (her roomies had decorated it and got her a sweet gift… it makes me happy to know they care well for her and love her), ooohing and aaahing at the new floors and beautiful layout. mom and dad had brought a bookcase for bec’s room, and it fit perfectly in the corner. God’s good with small things like that, I’ve noticed.


those are two of the most beautiful people i know, inside and out.

mom set to work on making us some delicious spaghetti and meat sauce, and it was so nice just being around them again, making a salad, bumping into them as we moved around the kitchen. one of the ways mom shows that she loves us is cooking. there are many, many other ways as well (which you can read all about here) like sending cards and giving hugs and doing our laundry and loving dad well and telling us all the time that she loves us and praying for us and doing all those millions of things without asking for recognition.

we had a delicious lunch and enjoyed just catching up on the week and talking about awesome things and stuff that we’re nervous about and stuff that’s exciting. mom and dad had even brought daisy, so we got to hang out with her (i mean… she was out in the van the whole time… because we would never have brought a pet into the apartment… that would be against the rules…). it was like a mini family reunion!


we had some cake and opened some gifts, talked about the future, and laughed until we cried. what beautiful people the Lord has surrounded me with.

then came the “wait, i haven’t taken a picture with you yet!” phase. my favorite, hands down.



mom and dad were heading up to see family in new york, so after lunch they stopped by the suite to check it out, and then packed up and drove off. what a blessing to be able to spend such wonderful time with them on our birthday. it was just so awesome.

i went back to the suite, not really sure what i was going to do next, but it turns out there was a group playing taboo, so i joined in. it was awesome… one of the best things about the suite (besides the people i get to live with) is the fact that there’s almost always people in it that don’t live there. i got to meet new people and play games with old ones. my team lost… kind of by a lot. but it was still a blast!


later that night, my suite mates totally surprised me. first, i opened my computer to find this gem plastered all over the desktop:

these are the guys i get to live with. no big deal.

well then, i was doing something at the table when they come out with this glorious birthday cake that daniel had bought. i was so touched. it was delicious, too. nice work daniel. dan served us all and we watched toy story 2 and ben sang me his original birthday song (brought a tear to my eye… so beautiful) and we just had a blast. plus jared and tanner stopped by! i was so glad i could celebrate my birthday with them all. God blesses me so much through these guys. already we’re so close, and it’s only the second week. what in the world has He got planned for the rest of the year? i’m pumped.



so then zach brubaker texts me and we head over to berrywinkle (basically it’s like orange leaf or sweet cici’s) (froyo, if i’m using it correctly) (there’s just something about that combo word that makes me uncomfortable… not sure what it is yet) for the first time. it was great to catch up and just hang out and talk about life. i was stuffed from cake but i managed to get some down. zach crafted a beautiful sundae. he was rather proud of it. and it looked pretty legit. and delicious.

to top the night off, tanner, dan, and i went to savages for patty melts (guys… there are very few more delectable sandwiches than the patty melt. it was fantastic.) and to just talk. i love these guys, and the Lord continues to use them to pour truth and encouragement into my life. i’m continually blessed by their wisdom and counsel. they are some of my closest brothers.

plus we can be crazy together.


also, this is how dan feels about the way i artistically tilt the camera pretty much any time i take a picture:

i can’t help it, guys. it’s how i do.

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One thought on “wishday, washday, wednesday, birthday.

  1. Jessica Hill says:

    keep taking pictures.

    what a great birthday! also, try to work on taking pictures of the cake BEFORE you cut it. 🙂

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