“if you get a b, you should be ashamed.”

things i have been very thankful for in the past week and a half:

1.) seeing amanda and hanging out with her. getting to hear all about her summer and her job and the awesome people she got to work with. spending some unhurried, quality time together.

2.) seeing christian, dylan, eric, and craig. some of my favorite people in the world.

3.) going to old chicago, eating pizza and giant cookies, and pretending to know what i’m talking about when i talk about football.

4.) friendships that last no matter how long you’re apart.

5.) getting to see the joshua, jonathan, and faith. knocking on their door and hearing feet pounding the floor as jonathan sprints to open it. and shooting off fireworks in their backyard. no big deal. catching up on school and gymnastics and their pet cat and stuff.

6.) getting to see owen, one of the guys that i was in wizard of oz with. getting to talk about how his summer and past school year went, tell him about camp and my school year. he’s going into 8th grade… wowza!  surely senior year wasn’t that long ago. crazy.

7.) hugs.

8.) feeling appreciated and loved.

9.) reliable friends that will come over at midnight to pack up a u-haul full of furniture while it’s raining just so you can leave early the next morning.


10.) turkey pasta salad.

11.) time with mom and dad.

12.) more reliable friends that will help you unload a u-haul packed with stuff. friends that will rent out four carts and help bring everything to the third floor in two trips, just because. friends that will stay to help set up a suite, and give solid advice for the layout.


13.) great deals on great kitchen tables and chairs.

14.) dan carpenter, my new roommate. just look at this guy. he’s great.

15.) random visits to becca’s new and wonderful apartment. so cozy and cute!


16.) an amazing turnout at the bar-b-cru! the way that God works through the feeble efforts of His children to accomplish awesome things. people willing to serve others. the excitement that accompanies first time events of the year. all the freshmen that we got to meet and hang out with.




17.) hearing stories from people’s summers and seeing how God is so clearly working in their lives. how He is so clearly working through them to impact other people.

18.) seeing drew from awana at new life on sunday as he ran up to give me a big hug. i love that guy.

19.) a church that i can look forward to attending, one where i know i’ll be taught, challenged, loved, and accepted.

20.) knowing that i get to wake up tomorrow with new mercies from God. knowing that He promises to finish the good work he’s started in me, even if i don’t know exactly how that’s going to pan out.

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One thought on ““if you get a b, you should be ashamed.”

  1. Jessica Hill says:

    i don’t care what anyone else says, it’s YOU that’s living the dream! so proud of you and am blessed to know you!

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