week nine: lots of lasts.

this week has been odd. last summer it really felt like the last week. every activity, every cheer, every meal felt like the last one of the summer.

this week it’s not so much like that. it hasn’t hit me that next week i won’t be greeting new campers, that i won’t be making a schedule or doing the “i am third” devotion sunday night. i won’t be telling guys how they’re now known as the miami gentlemen. it’s weird.

it’s been a great week so far. feels like it’s been way longer than just two days, but in a really good way. there are some campers i’m really connecting with this week, our stayovers are great, and the activities we’ve been doing are really fun.

one of our campers in particular this week seems to be really genuinely interested in what it means to put God first, others second, and himself third. he’s quite the gentleman, really participates in devotions and chapel, and (the coolest part) he acts the same way even when hugo and i aren’t close by. i’m really hoping to get into some good conversations with this guy. we’ll see where God takes it.

things i love about camp:


some of mine and hugo’s favorite campers coming back to say hi during check in this week. no other reason… just to say hi and drop off some hamburger cookies. so precious, and such an amazing way to start the week.


rainstorms. really intense ones where the gutters overflow and the rain is so thick that it’s like fog but you can still sit on scheumann’s porch without getting wet. where you can listen to james jamming on the guitar like it’s no big deal even though i would pay money to hear that kind of music.


the little telescope viewer on the riverview back porch and how it’s the highlight of everyone’s day when they get sixty seconds to look at something, like the turtle family that always camps out on the log off in the distance.

sarah and diego. the way they love their kids and are here at camp and how they are always an example of how to put God first, others second, and themselves third. the way they show their campers the same kind of love that Jesus shows all of us.

the brave tank this summer. i designed it, and if i’m honest i really like the way it turned out. i love seeing counselors all wear them on the same day without planning it.

campers that are just good kids. that are friendly with each other and are excited to get to know each other. these are the kids that make it easy and fun to be a counselor.


the fact that one of my campers caught a fly in between his fingers while we were playing a unit game. intense. also, the look of pride on his face. love it.

seeing campers from last year that get really excited to see me. it makes me really happy.


dressing up as the avengers. and doing the superman grace before the meal. it’s no big deal at camp.

walking in slow motion to lunch while humming the theme from “requiem for a tower” (that’s the DA DUM *CRASH* DA DUM DA DUM *CRASH* song… look it up. you’ll know what i’m talking about) just to make things more epic.

aaaand last but definitely not least, because she was really pumped to be on here…

photobombs. they’re the best.

guys. only one more post while i’m here at camp.

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3 thoughts on “week nine: lots of lasts.

  1. Those tanks you designed are sa-weeeet! And also, those pictures of the rainstorm made me want to be right there in that moment. Awesome. Love you!

  2. Mom! says:

    I LOVE the tanks you designed! They are great! : ) What an amazing summer you’ve had. And all those wonderful campers…. great memories! ❤

  3. Jessica Hill says:

    to echo the family’s comments, I really enjoy those tank tops as well. what a great summer it was Brad!

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