week six: wrap up.

and another week is successfully completed. it was a tough one this week. we had a camper that was instigating fights and quarrels, and it made things less fun for the other campers, which is always unfortunate and frustrating. it takes away from the other campers’ experience, and it takes away from my time with the other campers, because i’m having to focus so much on the troublemaker. but ultimately the week went smoothly, and the kids had a great time.

thursday afternoon was great. we got to go to the lake, and even though i was on duty as the boys’ shallow end checker-inner, i still got to see some of my guys, so that made it better. on the way home, naturally, we had a beach towel costume contest. we had star wars villains, super heroes, nuns, animals, and many other creative things. it’s one of my favorite things to do on the walk back.


one of the things i think is hilarious about thursdays is that it has been silently decided that it is this point in the week when brave boy counselors will allow their campers to buy jellyfish yo-yos. and they go crazy. everyone has a jellyfish yo-yo.

they’re not given out before thursday for a few reasons. first, they usually break within a few days of the kid buying it. but more importantly, they’re extremely annoying. both of these factors only make the item that much more lucrative, though.

thursday night was lots of fun for the kids. we got to go down to the archery range and fire a couple of arrows with Kickapoo (johnny d. was on… love that guy) and then play a game of soccer with osage. tripper and i suck at soccer, and our cilts were leading the activity anyway, so we served as refs and the ones who helped calm tempers when things got heated. our cabin won by two points, and it was really cool to see my guys working together, both coaching and encouraging one another throughout the game.

plus afterwards we all got freezie pops.

fridays are always great, because we save the best stuff for last. the unit game this week was dutch auction, where we throw as many random things into a sleeping bag as possible and lug it to the meeting spot. then molly shouted out random items, and the first cabin to bring up that item got the winning points. miami didn’t win, but we did have a blast.

plus we did win something that day. the golden toilet seat.

i would like to make sure everyone knows that we won this award after having received perfect clean cabin scores every day for that entire week. thank you, thank you. it’s not easy with brave boys. but these ones were pretty good.

then that night we have the theme dinner. it was 50s, i think, and all the guys dressed up in jeans and white t-shirts, and someone had passed around some hair gel by the time i got back to the cabin. needless to say, we all looked pretty spiffy. the guys loved it, we got to sing the 50s beach party cheer at flagpole, and everyone had a blast. becca and i kept trying to find a good song we could swing dance to, but we were too slow. oh well.

after that, we had trading post and the drama and brazilian dance clinics performed for the village. mine and katie’s drama clinic was a spoof of harry potter, and the girls went all out. we had costumes, we had props, we had three-headed whales. it was great. afterwards came the actual closing campfire, and all the craziness was unleashed.

things i loved about this week’s closing campfire:

1.) seeing ali and nick work together to make this puppet come to life.

2.) watching the cilt cheer and seeing everyone break it down like crazy. they dubstepped. a capella. it was awesome.


3.) seeing all my campers smiles and hearing their laughter.


4.) seeing ryan giving away awards, and then catching up with him on saturday.


saturday was a day full of goodbyes, some of them really tough. i had to say goodbye to my favorites from last summer, but they promised to keep in touch (one of them invited me to dinner sometime this year). my kids from this week were really sweet, saying goodbye to each other and making sure that they had each others’ addresses so they could write to each other.

another group arrives in about an hour! i’m pumped for them to get here and another week to start!

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3 thoughts on “week six: wrap up.

  1. I’m proud of you, Brad! I love how you still give your all to your campers, even during the harder weeks. You’re awesome.

  2. alovesj82 says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂
    Here’s to another great week!!

  3. Jessica Hill says:

    can you bring back a jellyfish yo yo for me?

    you’re doing great things! and can I just copy what Christy said? I always feel like my comments are dumb after reading your family’s. oh well, it makes sense.

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