week six: list.

things i am grateful for this week:

1.) nights off.

2.) cool breezes.

3.) the ability to connect with people.

4.) laura and the way she invited our cabin to join hers to draw with 3d chalk.


5.) meeting new friends.


6.) fellow counselors who reach out a helping hand.

7.) extra pool time.

8.) getting woken up by miley cyrus’ nobody’s perfect via singing pen delivered from becca to hugo.

9.) a twin who gets me, and knows just the right words to say.

10.) laughter and humor.

11.) the way God answers prayers even when you aren’t sure He will.

12.) honesty and vulnerability.

13.) conversations with old roommates.

14.) cookouts that consist of more than hotdogs.

15.) cookouts that consist of nothing but hotdogs.

16.) friendship bracelet string.

17.) seeing my campers encourage each other.

18.) getting freezy pops at the nurses’ station.

19.) miamihawk mafia games.

20.) the nature center.

21.) air conditioning. when it’s around.

22.) staff who care enough to do evaluations.

23.) drama clinic.

24.) new skits for closing campfire.

25.) internet.

26.) numbers and lists.

27.) riddles.

28.) seeing campers from last summer.

29.) campers that love hugs.

30.) campers that want to be thrown around during pool time.

31.) sisters.

32.) a community i can look forward to experiencing back at school.

33.) letters and emails.

34.) good music.

35.) good stories.


also, this is my favorite picture of the week, and possibly the summer:

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2 thoughts on “week six: list.

  1. Michael Kraft says:

    These area all soooooo great. I bet you are having such a blast. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Jessica Hill says:

    I love your lists!

    glad you talked with Nathan! he’s a real gem, that one. miss you and I’m excited for you to get home! (and by home, I mean back to school)

    ps. does 3D chalk actually work?

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