week six: letters.

this weekend was one of the best i’ve had in a while. first, amanda drove up and we got to grab lunch. it was so awesome just to catch up and hang out. turns out we know a bunch of the same people like sarah and grace. connections are always fun to make. after lunch, i had to go back to camp to finish writing all my parent letters. i spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with all the stayover kids and counselors. some of them were in my cabin last summer, so it was great to hang out and talk about life and see how these kids have grown up in the past year. i got a lot of good rest, and the morning was nice and relaxing. i woke up to a knock on my cabin door, and opened it to find one of my campers from the best week ever with a huge smile on his face. he came in with his dad and we talked for a little bit. he was here to pick up his brother, i think. then he gave me a paper with his address and a bible verse on it. he asked if i would write to him, and i said heck yes! i came to the staff meeting feeling refreshed and ready for another awesome group of campers.

this week is going great so far. we have an interesting group of kids, with lots of different kinds of personalities all mashed up together. so far they seem to be getting along well, and it’s a respectful group this week. today was one of the most fun days i’ve had at camp, and lots of it had to do with a conscious decision to just have more fun… to embrace the things that didn’t go perfectly and just run with them.

it wasn’t really a day that was unusual. we didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. but all the meals were lots of fun because the whole time the cabin was talking and getting to know each other and stuff. and clinics were… interesting. i’m teaching riflery and it took so long to set up that the kids only got to shoot one or two rounds each, which isn’t ideal. plus there was just a lot of stuff that had to be done: loading magazines, making more targets, setting up the range. then i was way late to drama clinic and didn’t know where they were meeting, so i grabbed a golf cart ride form adam until we saw them running around in a field. we played fun games like snapshot and the walking game and yes let’s and now let’s pretend. in mountaineering we talked about harnesses and helmets and then exchanged riddles. it was an awesome time.

in the past week i’ve received four letters from campers, some from last year and some from the past few weeks. it was totally unexpected and a huge blessing. each time it made my day. my rest hours have been spent writing back to them, telling about all the crazy stuff that happens at camp and responding to all the things they told me in their letters. one of them told me that he started doing devotions at home, and that he’s the one leading them (same camper who woke me up saying there was a cornsnake in the bathroom). it’s just really awesome to know that my campers are taking things away from camp. that’s totally not anything i’m doing… it’s all God. how i love to worship the One that works in the hearts of His youngest children.

things i love about camp:

these guys.


making sand villages while waiting for blob time.


photo ops and spending lake time with campers that i love.


fun nights off and awkward photos with friends.

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2 thoughts on “week six: letters.

  1. Mom! says:

    Love the pictures Brad! : ) I think receiving those letters and the one camper asking you to write to him were the best part…! ; ) How special. xo

  2. Jessica Hill says:

    Mostly I just look at your blog to see your mom’s comments. They’re pretty sweet.

    I don’t know what to comment about with this entry. I’m really glad you are knowing how valuable you are and how much of an impact you make. I mean, I always knew it. But I’m not sure you did.

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