week five: turnaround.

things have turned around in awesome ways this week.

yesterday was a tough day. we call it wacky wednesday, because it’s the exact middle of the summer (the middle of week five). we come dressed as a certain theme to morning flagpole (we were nerdy ninjas), we spend our time in between clinics giving hugs to the hug-o-matics (staff people dressed in silly hats, naturally), and during rest hour we decorate our cabin to fit a specific theme, and put on a small performance. we decided to be the miami insane asylum, and when the judges came by, we welcomed them in as reporters, introducing them to all the inmates (who went crazy because of things like not sleeping at rest hour and eating too much candy). after the tour, all the inmates broke out and we had to rush the judges out of the room for their safety.

the kids had a blast, but organizing everything for the day was just really stressful. no matter how well wacky wednesday is explained, it always manages to be a little confusing, especially for everyone who hasn’t done it before. and then the whole atmosphere is just crazy. i was tired and didn’t really have the energy that wacky wednesday requires, and so it was a long, long day. it was fun, and the kids had a blast. but it was long.

some of the guys this week also have some trouble listening and showing respect. it makes it difficult to remember that their actions don’t define them. that God is as crazy in love with them as He is me and every other person in the entire world.

but then that night devos went in an unexpected direction. we were talking about friendship and fellowship, and how part of friendship means knowing about each other. we went around the circle and shared things that make our day, something we want to do before we die, and something difficult we’ve had to face. i totally wasn’t expecting it, but emotions ran high, and some of the guys broke down. our devo suddenly became about trusting God and how He uses other people to encourage us. i watched as guys got up from the circle to comfort their cabin mates, and i was reminded once again how God’s plan, even for the day-to-day stuff, is just way better than mine.

and then today was just an awesome day. i was beginning to feel like i wasn’t making any connections, and God provided half a dozen opportunities to meet up with a bunch of my campers, getting to know them and just hanging out. it was such a blessing.

top ten things i love seeing at camp:

1.) my campers wearing their cilt’s neon yellow baseball cap.
2.) campers holding their counselors’ hands.
3.) day camp wandering around the loop, singing camp cheers.
4.) lake village counselors.
5.) becca.
6.) campers that are excited about the fact that they’re allowed to be crazy.
7.) the golden toilet seat hanging from my campers’ necks two days in a row.
8.) my cilt interacting one-on-one with my campers.
9.) campers making it to the top of mt. wood.
10.) campers encouraging each other. 

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One thought on “week five: turnaround.

  1. Jessica Hill says:

    so so glad you had a good week. Moreover, I’m so glad that you are constantly being reminded about how much God loves you and how much He wants you at camp. I think sometimes we get caught up in what is God’s plan for us? But the truth is, we’re living it. God has written great things about you: who you’re gonna marry, where you’ll live, what job you’ll have, what trips you’ll go on. All these things. But He’s written camp for you too. Isn’t that neat? I think so.

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