week five: midway.

this wednesday marks the exact middle of camp. five and a half weeks in.

how is this possible? i can’t believe that i’ve already been here for that long. i feel like it snuck up out of nowhere too, like week four isn’t really that close to the midpoint, but all of a sudden week five hits.

reasons i am happy right now:

1.) the guys are awesome this week.
2.) the temperature is about twenty degrees cooler.
3.) hugo continues to be the definition of an ideal partner.
4.) i got to play with my kids in the pool today.
5.) one of the kids who’s a little homesick was having a lot of fun today.
6.) bible study and dinner were filling and refreshing.
7.) we have an awesome cilt this week, and i’m already impressed with the way he’s been intentionally interacting with the kids.
8.) i got to tell the story of ghost cabin during rest hour today.
9.) the guys really like it when i read them chapters from love does.
10.) all the girls in my show choir clinic believe that i’m actually from russia, and i just have a really good american accent.

tonight in bible study we talked about forgiveness. one of the things i realized was that while i’m growing in the ability to quickly forgive those who have sinned directly against me, it’s much more likely that i will just judge someone harshly for the way they act (if it’s different from me) or the way they deal with conflict (if i deal with it differently) or the way they answer questions or work with kids or whatever. i often act as if those people have somehow offended me. and it was kind of embarrassing, to be honest. how many people am i holding phantom grudges against? it made me really stop and think about how much time i waste being arrogant and putting myself on a pedestal above others for no reason at all. everything i have is a gift from God. and as far as who i am, i don’t have anything to boast in. i am a sinful, arrogant man.

but thankfully, Jesus took all of that sin and paid for it on the cross. for me. even though i don’t deserve it.

“As for me, may I never boast about anything except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Because of that cross, my interest in this world has been crucified, and the world’s interest in me has also died.” –galatians 6:14

i am so pumped for the rest of this week. bring on the wackiness!

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One thought on “week five: midway.

  1. Jessica Hill says:

    I’m a little behind on posts. But here I am! I always come back, just like cat in the hat.

    wait. you’re NOT from Russia? well this whole friendship is based on a lie! great.

    I only knew which person you were in that picture because I looked for your ring.

    Hey, Christ makes you new. Isn’t that neat? No matter how many times we screw up, even when he’s like UGH BRAD DO I HAVE TO LITERALLY BEAT YOU INTO THE GROUND TO SEE HOW WORTHLESS YOU ARE IN COMPARISON TO MY HOLINESS? He says, I love you, buddy. And just like that. He is just such a cool being, that God of ours. I like Him!

    love you, buddy. Just like God does. (well not JUST like, but you get it).

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