week four: good things.

things i am really thankful for right now:

1.) my pink eye is clearing up.

2.) even though this is the case, i still actually like wearing glasses.

3.) the kids this week are simply amazing. as i wrote before, this is usually the case with campership kids, because they truly appreciate the experience and everything that’s involved with being at camp. even the ones who aren’t campership have just been raised well, so they’re respectful and happy and are making friends with the other kids, and the entire week has just been really filled with joy and excitement. i’ve loved every minute of it.

4.) water. it’s a blazing hot week, and we take every chance we can to get in the water. pool time today was lots of fun. i’m usually splashing around in the shallow end and throwing my kids around, which is not only a blast, but it usually gets the quieter kids to open up a bit. because let’s face it, who doesn’t like to be thrown around in the pool? it’s exhausting, but it was great to cool off, and the guys love it.

5.) we did gold rush today, and the kids had a blast.


so did the cilts.

it was super hot, but there were lots of sprinklers and water guns and hoses, and we had some rockin’ music playing by the pool so everyone could take a break and dance around (see above picture). we were drenched in sweat by the end of it, but the kids had a blast.

6.) clinics have been really great this week. i’m doing clay, show choir, and mountaineering. they’re each so different, and so it’s not really getting into a rut of the same old stuff… each day is different, and i’m really enjoying it. i’m not even a camper! the kids are all really into their activities as well, which makes teaching all the more fun. tomorrow in clay they get to paint their masterpieces. in show choir we’ll move on to the second song’s choreography (we’re doing a usa themed mix in honor of the fourth). and in mountaineering we’ll be tackling the toughest wall of the bunch: nub town! it’s gonna be a great day.


7.) i’m thankful for working at a place where i get to see counselors to crazy things for their campers. and also really intentional things. and also really loving things. and none of that is out of the ordinary. camp is a place where kids can come to be known, accepted, encouraged, and loved.


8.) the chance to reconnect with even more campers from last summer. one of my favorite campers and i wore the same wolf shirt today (just with different colors). many things are awesome about this. first, this guy intentionally participated in wolf shirt wednesday. second, walmart makes the same shirt with different background colors. third, we both must have specifically chosen our shirts for the same reason: wolves and american flags. perfect for the fourth of july on a wednesday!

9.) i had the privilege of being at the most wonderful devotion last night. i read from the devo binder and from my bible, but it was totally God leading it. we talked about love, and how love shows itself. we read 1 corinthians 13, and then translated it into our own, real-life version (ie: love waits in line without complaining; love stands up for people, especially those who can’t stand up for themselves). and the kids really seemed to understand and get it. there was no way it was because of the words i was saying, cause i was stumbling all over the place. but that made it just that much cooler, because it was so obviously God.

we talked about how important it is to encourage each other, and how we can still love each other even though we’re friends (and not boyfriend and girlfriend). i told them about the three kinds of love mentioned in the bible: ἔρως, or eros, which is romantic love; φιλία, or philia, which refers to friendship and affectionate love; and ἀγάπη, or agape, which is the only word that can communicate the perfect, pure love that God has for His children.

we talked about how the best example of love was Jesus; how His death on the cross for us (even while we were still stuck in our sin) was purely motivated by love, and how we’re supposed to mimic that kind of love towards others.

my favorite quote of the night: “this is really cool stuff. can we talk about it more?”

it was such a wonderful reminder of how beautiful the love of Christ is to people when they actually hear about it. when they understand why Jesus died, why wouldn’t they want to know more? it’s also an affirmation of something i firmly believe: God works in the hearts of His youngest children. even though we’re just in the brave unit, these guys can get it when God opens their eyes.

why would i not want to be working in a place like this?

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3 thoughts on “week four: good things.

  1. Jessica Hill says:

    keep wearin those glasses.

    I am laughing my head off in the sanctuary right now because that wolf shirt is RIDICULOUS. oh my goshhhhhhhhhh

    other than the wolf shirt, this post was fantastic. the glasses made up for it. also, falling slowly just came on my itunes! bingo! that’s you!

    so proud of all you’re doing and just how God-focused you are despite heat and kids and frustrations and non-existent snakes. you’re being a great example not only to the people you’re physically around, but to the people who are reading. but then again, you always are.

  2. Mom says:

    Brad, what an exciting and rewarding time you are having! 🙂 I am continually amazed at how much God is using you in the lives of so many kids!! :D. What a blessing to read. I’m so happy that you are ObViOuSlY where you need to be. That makes me happy.
    I love you so much!

  3. […] four has historically been fantastic (see here and here and here), and this summer has been no exception. everything was fun, we all made some great […]

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