week four: connections.

i brought a friend with me this summer. his name is felix. he likes long walks on the beach, the color blue, and (when he’s not trying to cut back) a fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookie. he’s a cookie monster stuffed animal. and he’s quite popular with the brave boys. they ask him to come to activities and meals with us, and i think he’ll be joining us for devotions sometime this week.

that’s just one of the reasons i love camp. there’s not a whole lot of other places where this wouldn’t be considered that out of the ordinary.

this past weekend was a wonderful time to relax and recuperate. bec, mom, dad, and i met at camp and visited becca’s cabin, then headed to mom and dad’s hotel. the first few hours of our weekend were spet getting a new pair of glasses because of my pink eye, and although it wasn’t exactly what i had been hoping for, it is definitely nice to have an updated pair of glasses. the rest of our time was spent catching up and resting. it was awesome to see them again, and it was so great to get some time to just do nothing. i need to do nothing more often, i think.

this week is another amazing group. hugo and i were talking about how we were worried that since this past week the kids were so great, any other group might seem like i step down behavior wise. but we were both caught off guard by how sweet and respectful these guys are. i mean, this cabin more than any other this summer is so excited to be at camp. many kids this week are kids who are sponsored by other people. in fact, camp is hosting a massive project to see if we can sponsor 441 kids who otherwise wouldn’t be able to come. many of them are here this week, and they are always the sweetest. i got to see some of my kids from last summer this week as well, and they’re all just so pumped! i love seeing the impact that one week out of the summer can have on a child.

it’s only monday, and God has been providing some really cool ways to connect with my campers already. it’s been such a blessing. one of them is in my show choir clinic (in which i’m assisting katie sink! what whaaaat!!) and while we were doing a couple of improv games, he hit the ground pretty hard. we went to the nurses’ station to get some ice, and while we waited, we played cards. it was during third clinic, so it was just the two of us and the nurses, and we had a blast. he’s such a great kid, and it was great to connect with him. i’m excited that it’s only monday!

later today, we went on a mud hike. one of our guys forgot the right shoes, so i walked all the way back down to the river with him. at first i was a little frustrated, but i could see that he was too, and originally he thought he wouldn’t be able to do the mud hike. it was just us on the walk down to river, and we just talked and got to know each other a little bit. it was awesome, and completely unexpected. and it’s only monday!

now i’m just hanging out with bobby and liz, watching a movie before heading back. it’s been a relaxing night, and i’m ready for tomorrow! bring on tuesday!

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One thought on “week four: connections.

  1. Jessica Hill says:

    I HAVE A STUFFED DOG NAMED FELIX! BINGO. he’s a pup and he wears an argyle sweater, so I think he’s the better Felix. Sorry to disappoint.

    Glad I didn’t even know you wear glasses and that I didn’t know you had pink eye. Communication isn’t our strong suit. Glad it’s better though (the glasses/eye, not communication).

    you have a SHOW CHOIR CLINIC. oh gooooooooosh Brad.

    I think the little moments like getting shoes and going to the nurse’s office are really what you’ll remember the most, Brad.

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