week three: conversations.

this week continues to be a great one, full of kids who are respectful, polite, and so much fun to be around. i’ve grown closer to one of the guys in particular, a funny kid who is usually out of it. he’s an odd mix of spacey and really thoughtful. through games of checkers (which he just learned and takes very seriously), making friendship bracelets during rest hour (he was very excited to learn the diagonal today), and walking with him to the lake and other cabin activities, i feel like i’ve gotten to know him pretty well. he’s a super sweet kid, really genuine and honest about basically everything. i love all the random things he says. today he looked at me and, totally serious, told me that “today was just one of those days where i woke up and was like… yeah, today’s gonna be a great day.”

the rest of the boys in the cabin are awesome too. it’s weird that tomorrow is the last full day with them… as it’s been doing all summer, time is flying by. i’m really going to miss this batch when they leave.

even though there’s only one day left though, that’s a full twenty-four hours. another complete day to spend with these awesome kids that have been such a blessing. last summer one of the coolest things i learned was that the final day can hold so much. new connections can still be made. good lessons can still be learned. awesome conversations can still be shared. especially with this group of boys, i’m looking forward to those last day moments.

tonight was great. me, bec, marc, celyn, and joe went to scotty’s and had some great food and conversation. i love the opportunity to get to know some of these counselors that i usually don’t get the chance to talk to. we all discussed fraternities, snacked on some candy, ate some delicious food, and may or may not have commandeered some brilliant pens in order to write some brilliant parent letters.

speaking of, i need to sign off. i want to get at least one done tonight.

mom and dad are coming up this weekend! i’m pumped to see them and just have a weekend to relax. with mom and dad and bec, we don’t need to be doing anything in order to enjoy each other’s company. we’ll probably just talk and hang out in the hotel or something. and that is exactly what i feel like doing.

i love lots of things here at camp.

i love foursquare games.

i love hip hop clinic.


i love watching the guys go crazy with making castles.

i love nights off with good friends.

i love band cover poses.

i love cool cloud formations.

and i realized i hadn’t done this in a while, so here are the top three things i’m thankful for today:

1.) campers that aren’t worried about what others think about them.
2.) parent letters that are easy to write.
3.) cold water on a really, really hot day. 

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2 thoughts on “week three: conversations.

  1. Tan Tan says:

    Brad, looks like your having a blast (unexpected I know lol) miss you man. Let’s talk soon.

  2. Jessica Hill says:

    sooo glad mom and dad got to come up! they’re so great and reminding you why you’re there and to keep you grounded. don’t lose them (you won’t).

    you’re in your rhythm, bud! =)

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