week three: blessing.

goodness, i feel like it’s been a while since i last updated you guys. i worked the weekend, and so i wasn’t really able to get online at all.

but it was an absolutely amazing weekend. it felt like i had the weekend off, to be honest. what happens is that each counselor works one weekend throughout the summer to stay with the kids that are at camp for more than one week. it’s always relaxed, and while sometimes it can be crazy, this past weekend we had maybe twenty or thirty kids, which is nothing.

two of the kids were brothers of guys i’d had in the cabin last week, which was kind of cool. some had been in my clinics. all of them were really cool guys. since they were older (blazers and warriors), it was a nice break from the chaos that the braves unit is kind of known for. i really enjoyed connecting with these older kids.

we did lots of cool things. we went to the pool, we had a cornhole tournament (which I lost… it was a sad day), and we even had some time to make friendship bracelets! i learned how to make the “v” bracelet (also known as the arrow)! I’m working on it back at the cabin now.


i always love seeing guys, the ones that initially think making friendship bracelets is for girls, get super into it after trying it for the first time. especially when they sign up for friendship bracelet clinic the following week. it’s the best. 

i felt a little rushed after dropping off the weekend campers with their counselors because I wasn’t able to go to the staff meeting, but it was an exercise in trusting hugo, who is perfectly capable. he wrote down all the important information, and by the time we started getting kids at the cabin, I actually felt really prepared.

let me tell you how amazing the kids are this week. these guys are just great. it was my turn to go to the planning meeting (usually so chaotic, but actually went really smoothly this week… thanks God) and when i got back to the cabin, i walked in on the guys doing devotions. since it was about ten at night, i had expected them to already have started. what i didn’t expect was the way that the guys totally kept paying attention after i walked in. in fact, not only did they keep paying attention to hugo and mike, but they were making a list of ways they could be putting God first and others second.

after two weeks of giggly cabins who have a really hard time sitting still and paying attention and being respectful, it was a shock and a sigh of relief. these guys were giving thoughtful answers to our questions and were being quiet while the other campers spoke up. hugo, mike, and i came out of the cabin after putting the kids to bed and just kind of stared at each other for a minute. it’s such a blessing from the Lord to have such an easy cabin this week. also an awesome cilt.

plus the kids are just really awesome in general. they’re funny, they each have their own unique personality, and they support each other. last night i led a devotion about friendship and how we should try to make each others’ days when possible, because that’s what friends do. and today, I saw three of the guys deliberately trying to make someone else’s day, either by complimenting them, including them in a game, and encouraging them with something that they were doing.

 i love it.

 tonight i had another great night off. me, james, diego, and scott all went to bible study and dinner at tom and katrina’s house. it ended up being just the four of us that showed up, so we got some delicious food and then went through the parables in luke about the lost things—the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the prodigal son. some really great insights and reminders came from the conversation. ours is a God who relentlessly pursues us, even while giving us our own choice to follow or leave Him. the son in the parable left and returned only once, but in real life this happens all the time. and each time we come back to God, His reaction is the same: celebration.

how wonderful to serve a God who delights in each and every reconciliation.

i love when my campers are proud of the crafts they make… especially friendship bracelets.

i love when my campers are creative and make things like snowmen with afros out of clay.

i love that for world cultures clinic, this table has become a time traveling transporter that takes us to different parts of the globe. i love that the kids love to play along.

i love when my campers dig into the sand and create villages and castles and dams and rivers and a million other things that for some reason are only satisfyingly created in wet sand.

i love when campers find wonder in the simplest of things. 

awesome quotes from the past two weeks:

1.) “i mean the boundaries for this game are like… everywhere, right?”

2.) “you might find that i move my ankles a lot.”

3.) “brad, look! the rock! it’s shedding!”

4.) “my cousin–this is a sad story–he lives alone with his mom. he lost his license.”

5.) “that’s what i love about camp tecumseh… the fresh, outdoor towels.”

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2 thoughts on “week three: blessing.

  1. Glad you have a good cabin of kiddos this week, bub! Sounds like a welcome break from the usual chaos and craziness (at least somewhat) 🙂 Love you!

  2. Jessica Hill says:

    you don’t know the v (also called chevron)?! that’s the easiest one. Clearly, I need to school you.

    I love all the work God is doing. And I don’t have much else to say (other than to condemn your limited bracelet knowledge). But holy cow. Could it have been any better than last year? the answer, of course, is yes.

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