week two: toothbrush parties.

one week down! feels like i’ve already known these second weekers for the whole summer. we’ve got some really great kids in the cabin, and i’m loving it already. one of the guys in my cabin takes a while to get ready, but instead of it being annoying, it’s actually given me some time to get to know him better (because i have to stay behind as the others go on). he’s a really sweet kid, and he has a great sense of humor. he and i are really connecting, and especially since it’s only monday night, that’s really awesome.

the two stayovers have been amazing. one of them needs to branch out as far as making new friends, but sometimes stayovers can get a superiority complex thing going on because they already know how camp works. these guys are doing really well with it, and have been super helpful. right off the bat, they were introducing themselves to new kids (what’s even better is that the other guys started following their example, to the extreme that i had to ask them to step back from the car and back into the yard so that the last camper could actually get out of his car. it’s a good problem to have) and showing them how to do things around the cabin. the guys are already really friendly with each other, and so it feels like we’ve all been together for much longer than just a day and a half.

we also got our day camp counselor in this week! his name is mike sale, and before i even met him, i had everyone telling me he rocked and that i had the best day camper. i gotta say, once i met him and got to hang out with him a little, see him in action and stuff, i’m thinking that everyone was right. he’s great with the kids, totally willing to help out, and is just an all around nice guy. i’m excited to see what he adds to the cabin and how the kids will start to develop friendships with him.

tonight i made a walmart and mcdonald’s run with becca, celyn, and naomi. i got some random things–vitamins (because i need to stay healthy!), an alarm clock (because my phone is officially broken now… yay…), and, of course, an eighteen pack of washcloths (because i was going to get a hand towel for the bathroom, but i realized i can just put out two new washcloths every week! also they were four bucks! walmart ftw!). we haven’t had soap in the bathroom all week, so i’m going to request that because soap is important. especially in a boys cabin.

yesterday i discovered something brilliant called a toothbrush party. i stole it from our neighbors over in mohawk cabin. all the boys were in their beds, and i asked if they’d brushed their teeth yet. none of them answered, which meant that none of them had brushed their teeth, and so i asked them if they’d ever been to a toothbrush party before. some of them perked up immediately. others were wary. none of them could say they’d been to one before. we all sprinted into the bathroom with our toothbrushes and toothpaste and chanted “toothBRUSH parTY” over and over again. once we started brushing our teeth we sang it even louder. it was awesome, and the kids loved it. so that’s definitely what we’ll be doing every night.

basically i’m just really excited for the rest of the week.

i love dressing up as ninjas at opening campfire.

i love teaching two clinics this week with becca.

i love having extra blob time.

i love watching kids fly into the air, come up from under the water
and scream “that was awesome!”

i love james bringing over his pet toads.

i love having good conversations with campers on a monday.

and tonight, i’m thankful for the following things:

1.) walmart, because it has everything.
2.) productive nights off.
3.) letters–writing and receiving them. 
4.) good music playlists that fit the mood. 

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3 thoughts on “week two: toothbrush parties.

  1. Seriously… those kids must LOVE you. I think I might suggest a toothbrush party to Kyle tonight…

  2. Mom says:

    Toothbrush PaRtY!! What a great idea! 🙂 have a great week Brad! And glad you got vitamins! 😉

  3. Jessica Hill says:

    are you kidding me?! wash cloths are nothing like hand towels! and my entire hand is the size of the wash cloth! it’s like using a napkin! i’ll send you some.

    blob time or blog time? cause those things are different.

    you’re cool. keep up the great work! God likes you.

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