week one: resting.

greetings from camp tecumseh, where the stars shine bright, the leaves are green, and exhaustion and joy become a way of life!

can’t believe the first week of camp has officially come to a close… it seems like just yesterday i was introducing myself to eager campers and nervous parents, telling them about all the different things we would be doing this week and how by the end they wouldn’t want to leave.

i just got finished with all my parent letters, so the whole week is very fresh in my mind. the past few days have been absolutely great. there were certainly some stresses, but the end of the week always ends up being more exciting and over the top for a few reasons: first, clinics always amp up at the end; kids get to bring their own targets to riflery and archery, the lake clinics have a splash battle, the dance clinics finish their routines, and any kind of craft or construction clinic finishes their final product. thursday we have breakfast in bed and a cookout that evening. friday we have a themed dinner (this week was 80s) and a rockin’ dance party, and then end with closing campfire, which is a massive ordeal involving crazy songs, hilarious skits, awards, and a final torchbearer ceremony in which the oldest campers are called forward and charged with carrying the light of Jesus to the world. it’s a big deal, and everyone loves it (even if they fall asleep, which tends to happen with braves).


the devotion on friday night, you may remember, is a special one. we call it the bead devotion; each camper has the chance to choose from six beads that represent the six parts of what’s called the sagamore creed. in short, the six parts of the creed are responsibility, initiative, joy, friendship, trust, and faith. it’s a cool way for campers to choose something that they want to work on for the rest of the summer, something they want to give to God and ask His help with. i wasn’t sure how the devo would go, because our cabin is giggly and doesn’t like to sit and talk about things.

 but God is good. i was blown away with how the kids really quieted down and took the devotion seriously. for some, it was probably the first time that they’d been asked to consider something they wanted to improve on. they respected each other and listened while others were talking. we had guys decide to be more responsible, find more joy when life gets tough, be a better friend to others, and better pursue God when they go back home. it was a true blessing.

the two stayovers we have are great kids, so i’m excited to see what next week brings!

here are some snapshots from this week that i love:

i love that these guys were looking for possible gemstones buried beneath the sand of the volleyball court. i mean, i wouldn’t doubt it here at camp.

i love seeing guys from my cabin last summer, and adding new friends that basically just act like they were in my cabin last summer too. that’s just how camp works.

i love watching kids praise Jesus at chapel, especially with silly songs.

i loved having a cabin full of awesome guys that i’ll be missing this summer, as well as an awesome cilt who loves what he gets to do, as well as a partner who supports and encourages me. what a great week.

and lastly, the thankfuls from the past two days:

1.) dance parties and kids that will dance the way they want to once they realize that no one is judging them.
2.) extra time to write parent letters and hang out with fun friends.
3.) closing campfire, and everything it entails.
4.) campers who don’t want to leave camp once their parents get here.
5.) thunderstorms after massive droughts.
6.) the chance to do this crazy thing called camp eight more times this summer! 

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2 thoughts on “week one: resting.

  1. Jessica Hill says:

    you’re amazing!

    okay, I scrolled up and down 5 times and couldn’t find anything else I wanted to comment on. so i guess that about does it.

  2. Mom says:

    Wow what an amazing first week! So full of all the rockin stuff that makes camp so wonderful. You were made for this son! Such a natural fit, and I love knowing God is really using you there. You have wonderful fellow counselors, and for that too, I’m thankful. 🙂
    Keep posting! It’s great reading and keeping in touch w how it’s all going.
    I love you! xo

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