training week: behind the scenes.

so the past few days haven’t been too crazy, but there’s still a lot that’s been going on. my extra training officially ended on sunday after my high ropes re-certification (i passed!) and so this week there was literally nothing i was required to do except sit around and sleep and eat camp food.

thankfully, there’s always something to do at camp.

monday i had originally slotted for doing random jobs that tom or adam needed me to do, but when i asked them they both said that nothing really came to mind that needed doing. this was unusual and i was caught off guard a little, but it ended up being good, because i spent the day catching up on emails and messages and things like that. i saw friends for lunch and then spent the afternoon reading. i only brought one novel because that’s all the books i had time for last summer, but i’m almost done with this one (book of fate by brad meltzer… definitely a good read) and i’m anticipating needing at least one more. not sure yet what my options are, though i’ve gotten a few suggestions from bobby and jordan, two of my camp friends. we shall see.

monday evening i went out driving with bobby, who’s serving as the video guy for camp this summer (which means i’m already super pumped for the end-of-the-year video… no big deal), because he needed a few shots for a video tutorial on how to get to camp. he, noah (another camp friend) and i stopped by wendy’s for dinner and then took some time driving slowly back to camp. it was great to hang out with them; they’re both guys that i look up to and admire, and just enjoy spending time with.

before i went to bed i got to skype with gus, my partner from last year. he’s not back this summer unfortunately because he’s in school (he’s an amazing artist) (also he lives in brasil), and it had been a while since we’d last talked. it was so good to see his face, catch up on each other’s lives, and reminisce about camp last summer. lots of memories between the two of us. it sucks that he’s not back this summer, but we’ll be skyping again.

my tuesday was spent with jordan and john, the guys in charge of the lake this summer. after lunch we started unloading all the lake stuff. there are four huge water trampolines with blobs and slides and bridges attached, as well as a huge sphere with a ring around it called the saturn (get it?). all of them have to be inflated, washed down, sprayed and waxed, and then deflated again before being brought down to the lake. on tuesday, we got two of the water trampolines done. it was tough work in the sense that it was tedious and we had to be thorough, but once we got into a rhythm it was actually quite enjoyable. it was definitely better than just sitting in the cabin all day. it’s amazing to me how many things go on behind the scenes that people just have no idea about. i got the chance to see one of those things. there are a million of them happening all at the same time. that’s one of the reasons camp tecumseh is so amazing: the details.

that night i got to skype with jarrod, a counselor from last year that lives in australia. because of his job, he can’t be back this summer either which sucks, but we talked about how he might be visiting the states sometime soon and how i could maybe study abroad in australia, which naturally led us to talk about housing and look up what it would cost to buy a house in newburgh. it would definitely be awesome if it worked out for one of us to visit the other. even though he can’t be at camp, he’s still got a sweet job working with kids back in his home country, and he’s really liking it.

on wednesday i was back out with jordan and john. we finished another trampoline, patched a hole that we found in the final one, and then washed and waxed the saturn and one of the blobs. after all that, i grabbed dinner with bec (who had just finished her high ropes training) and the two of us plus three of our brazilian friends (thaís, fendler, and hugo) went on an adventure to walmart.

it was definitely an adventure. our gps kept telling us that walmart didn’t exist when we searched for it, and so we went back to the lodge to look up the address on google maps. according to the gps, the address didn’t exist either, so i ran back in and wrote down directions. kind of felt like the pioneers of old, writing down directions instead of listening to the gps. once we got on the road, we drove in the wrong direction for about twenty minutes. what should have been a half hour took an hour and fifteen minutes. hugo fell asleep on the way.

but we got what we needed (shirts, candles, gifts, and candy… fendler had never tried skittles before!) and headed back to camp. quite the adventure.

after that, i got to skype with freddy, one of my best friends from camp last year, also from brasil. it’s been a long time coming, and it was so great to finally see his face and talk to him again. camp internet was sketchy and we ended the night typing back and forth because i couldn’t hear a word he said, but we managed to catch up before that happened. freddy and i are a lot alike, so it’s always encouraging to talk to him and see what’s going on in his life. he has a full time job, so he’s been really busy lately. i’m really glad i got the chance to talk to him. we talked about how bec and i might be visiting brasil sometime in the next few years. no big deal.

today has been a day full of sleeping in, hanging out with friends, and doing random jobs that need to get done. tomorrow, the first day of full staff training starts! i’m so excited to meet everyone and start all the activities and seminars and games and training. it’s just the beginning of one of the best times of my life!

bring it on.

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2 thoughts on “training week: behind the scenes.

  1. Tan Tan says:


    Looks like your first week is going great! Looking forward to reading your posts this summer! Excited for you! Hope we can chat sometime soon. Miss ya broski.

  2. Jessica Hill says:

    I’m glad you got some rest! even though I’m sure you want to GO GO GO, you and I both know it’s good for you to rest….. when did I become your mom? this is weird.

    I love the “OH HEY” face in your second picture. it’s my favorite.

    can you bring one of those trampolines back?


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