training week: “did i say you could touch the gun yet?”

these past few days have been packed with things. at this point i’m done with all my early training, so i’m just able to hang out, catch up on some writing, and help out around camp doing odd jobs.

so, in the past few days:

1.) i’ve learned how to shoot a rifle. also how to teach kids how to shoot a rifle. also to tell the campers at every point in the process that they cannot touch the gun unless i say they can. they do a good job here of really emphasizing safety. all the instructors will be well trained, and they have a lot of backups of sorts in case of human error or something like that.

2.) i’ve relearned two of my favorite worship songs in portuguese! this first one is the chorus to here i am to worship:

vim para adorar-te,
vim para prostrar-me,
vim para dizer que és meu Deus.
és totalmente amável,
totalmente digno,
és maravilhoso para mim.

and this is the chorus to i want to know you more:

senhor te quero,
quero ouvir sua voz,
senhor te quero mais.
quero tocar-te,
tua face eu quero ver,
senhor te quero mais. 

3.) i’ve fought a fierce battle with poison ivy that is mercilessly spreading. i think i’m winning though.

4.) i went with some good friends to a place called high bridge, which is an old abandoned railroad that serves now as an eighty-foot tall… well, bridge, between two sides of a river. it was a beautiful place. we hung out and just enjoyed each other’s company.

joshua jared fraisure went on an adventure and climbed down beneath the rails. he survived.

5.) i was officially re-certified as a high-ropes instructor at camp tecumseh. on belay!

6.) we played succotash with a great group of counselors. it was a great opportunity to hang out outside the context of training and just get to know each other a little bit better. there were some hilarious moments that night.

7.) i made a midnight mcdonald’s run only to find out it, and all surrounding food places, was closed. this was right after i’d passed a bilboard proclaiming that mcdonald’s was now open 24 hours. apparently i was paying too much attention to the road to notice the fine print that told me it applied to all restaurants except the one a mile away. i mean i’m not bitter.

8.) i’ve started my hebrews study. this summer i’m really wanting to study hebrews. this past week i cracked open the john macarthur study guide. there are some cheesy questions wrapped up in it all, but i’m really loving the commentary and theological context it brings. hebrews is, essentially, all about how Jesus is better than anything else. better than human religion, better than man-made attempts to cleanse our own sin. He’s a better priest, a better sacrifice, and is perfectly pleasing to God in every way. i’m only a chapter or so into it, and it’s already a little overwhelming, in a good way. i’m excited to see what’s in store.

9.) i’ve been able to have some great conversations with new and old friends. it’s really awesome to see how God provides, how He answers the prayers of His children. in my next post i’ll be sharing some prayer requests so you guys can be even more involved, but one of them has consistently been that the staff this year will be close, and united primarily as brothers and sisters in Christ; in other words, that Jesus would just be at the center of all our interactions and friendships. so far, it’s been really awesome to see God threading those friendships together, providing fun opportunities and encouraging conversations with Him at the center. it’s exciting to see how He’s just already putting His plan for the summer into action.

10.) i put together a billion cilt binders with jamie, sarah, morph, and colleen, all while jamming out to some sweet tunes and snacking on pretzel m&ms.

11.) i drove to camp from different areas a couple of times so that bobby could get a few shots for his video tutorial of how to get to camp.

12.) i have been getting more and more and more and more excited for all staff training and for kids to just be here all ready. i’m ready to be a counselor again.

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3 thoughts on “training week: “did i say you could touch the gun yet?”

  1. Mom! says:

    Ahhhh! It sounds like such a great start Brad! What a neat opportunity to serve and make new friends at the same time!
    #3. Ooohhh, so sorry to hear that!
    In general, I will be praying for safety (hey, I’m your mom!), unity, bonding and spiritual growth. I love you! xo

  2. Alfredo says:

    1.) You do like lists.
    2.) I wanna hear you singing those chorus.
    3.) You’re always ready to be a counselor.

  3. Jessica Hill says:

    yes! i love lists! let’s comment on everything! SUPERCOMMENT!

    1. yes! now you can properly defend me and becca from danger!

    2. now learn them in HEBREW. they don’t even have the same characters. but for real, that’s really impressive. and check out all the cool ways you can evangelize?! i mean the only songs I know in hebrew are about my room having 3 corners or right right left left up down. i’m not gonna get very far.

    3. well great. mariah got that too. i hope you don’t have it on the bottom of her foot. she did. hope you’re using cortizone cream. i trust camp has a ton of that.

    4. i was wondering where those pictures were taken! sounds like a dangerous bridge, but not as dangerous as wallyball. glad you got some fellowship foundation before things get crazy hectic.

    5. holla!

    6. succotash ALWAYS provides hilarious moments. i’m glad you’re making friends who love all your goofy games!

    7. oh man. one time on my birthday when I was like 13, we drove to my favorite mexican restaurant that was like 40 minutes away. and when we got there, it was closed. so we went to denny’s. now, i love me some denny’s. but it’s no mi amigos. restaurant troubles happen to the best of us.

    8. I think it’s really refreshing and admirable that you’re doing a Bible study by yourself. I’ve done that before, but it was like 4 years ago, so I wasn’t as disciplined. i’m real proud of you.

    9. I will pray for this for sure, cause Satan is always at work definitely. But I want you to know that when you have such a strong base as Camp Tecumseh, I feel like these friendships naturally form. Plus, you’re working with each other all the time. I think a bigger prayer is that the quirks that others have don’t bother you (like when someone’s alarm clock goes off for an hour straight every morning. hypothetically).

    10. there’s a person named morph? what’s a cilt? it’s like you’re in this secret club. i mean you are, but they even have their own lingo!

    11. look at you! driving miss bobby!

    12. and as it comes, you’ll have about 5 more mores on that.

    so proud of the man you are! love and miss you!

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